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AFTER ROMEO  x  Ouch Magazine

AFTER ROMEO x Ouch Magazine

Editor/Creative Director: Rhonda Mcknight

Fashion Stylist: Jonsu Jones

Groomer: Stepahine @ Inglot Studios / Cosmetics



Where can we buy or find the whole EP? How many years have you been in the band?

Group: We’ve all been in the band for about 3 years. Fans can find our EP on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.


What makes you the same as your band members? What is your role as a member?

Drew: We all are driven and hard-working. We are working towards the same goal. I am the songwriter and help arrange the harmonies.

T.C.: We all have the same passion and want to be able to spread our music all around the world. I use my fashion sense to influence the group’s overall style and look.

Blake: We all are very different, but relate to our love for music and our passion for the band. I tend to be sort of the parental figure in the band, but I also help a lot with choreography.

Jayk: We all have such similar interests. We have a love for dancing, singing, performing and a love for music. I do a lot of the band’s social media. I figure out ways to keep the fans engaged and make them feel like they're a part of this movement. If it weren’t for them we wouldn't be anything.


AFTER ROMEO - Full Video part 2 from ouchmagazine on Vimeo.

 If you were not in a band, what do you think you would be doing instead?

Drew: Something in fashion. 

T.C.: I would want to be a professional baseball player. Possibly a veterinarian or have a clothing line.

Blake: I have several different realities with very different aspirations. I would love to get my Ph.D. in philosophy or archeology and teach. I would love to travel around the world discovering new species of animals and plants. I would love to own my dance studio.

Jayk: something sports-related. I grew up playing baseball and football and always wanted to be an NFL quarterback.


What is your favorite past time? Hobbies?


Drew: Seeing movies, buying shoes, really any form of shopping. I just like to have fun.

T.C.: Posting on my fashion blog 'Street 23 Fashion' and playing sports and being with my dog.

Blake: I love writing poetry and songs. I also enjoy seeing movies and reading.

Jayk: Playing sports, watching movies, being active, traveling, and I LOOOOVE to cook :)



Who do you admire that is already in the music industry?

Drew: Justin Timberlake. He keeps going and going. He’s super talented and a great guy.

T.C.: I admire Chris Brown for his dance ability, Justin Timberlake for his all-around stage presence and Fall Out Boy / Panic At The Disco for the music writing.

Blake: Lady Gaga has amazing talent, a workhorse mentality, and a heart of gold.

Jayk: I'd say Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and One Direction. They all do it their own way and keep it classy. I have so much respect for them.


Single or not single?

Drew: Single

T.C.: Not single.

Blake: Single

Jayk: I'm......siiiiiingle ☺



Who is your Hollywood crush? Can be living or dead.

Drew: Selena Gomez I <3

TC: Selena Gomez & Margot Robbie!!

Blake: Abbey Lee

Jayk: My Hollywood crush is Alexandra Daddario. She was in San Andreas, and she's in the new Baywatch.


What makes someone “beautiful”?

Drew: Everything about them. The way they act and how they react in situations. I don’t like a lot of attitude. I like laid back, chill and fun. Also, someone who loves to laugh.

TC: Having a kind soul & good heart.

Blake: For me personally, I think confidence, passion, and having common interests makes someone beautiful.

Jayk: They have an unspoken confidence. Beauty comes from inside. Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart...


What is your favorite food of all time?

Drew: Cheese and macaroni and cheese

TC: Chicken wings.

Blake: Fresh veggies from the garden

Jayk: Sushi and chicken :)


What makes you mad? Do you have any annoying habits yourself?

Drew: Seeing someone who doesn’t work hard achieve success, when my order is wrong at a restaurant, and LA traffic. An annoying habit of mine is that I’m late often.

TC: It makes me mad when someone cutting me off while driving. Whenever my shoes get scuffed I always have to stop to clean them immediately.

Blake: Intolerance, stupidity, speaking on subjects with lack of personal experience, and abusing animals. Sometimes I act like I know everything.

Jayk: Flakey people and when people don't appreciate what they have. I sing extremely loud in the shower.


Name 3 colors that you can’t live without.

Drew: Lime green, teal, red

TC: Black, white & black (I really like black!)

Blake: Purple, black, and blue

Jayk: Red, baby blue, and black



How is the music you are currently making different from any other bands?

Drew: We write it all. The music focuses on playful events I think people can relate to. We’ve all seen that hottie in the car beside us…we’ve all got that person that calls us in the middle of the night.

T.C.: We write all of our music.

Blake: Our music is different because it comes from our own personal experiences mixed with all of our different musical influences.

Jayk: We all write it all. That's the coolest thing about not being put together by someone else. We have so much artistic freedom.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Drew: In space hanging with aliens.

TC: Having success with the band and also having a venture in the fashion industry.

Blake: Writing/ acting/ producing television and movies in the horror realm.

Jayk: Hopefully inspiring people to do what they want to do .. Oh and performing at the Super Bowl with my boys :)


What are a few projects we can look for this year?

Drew: The full album to be released.

T.C.: The full album being released & touring a lot!

Blake: We will be releasing a full album. 

Jayk: Our full-length album!! We will be traveling all throughout the world doing concerts. Can't wait to meet all of you! Look for us on tour!

 You can check out afterromeoworld.com for all news and info.