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Curly Hair Solutions rebrand

Curly Hair Solutions rebrand



Curly Hair Solutions® explodes with the rebrand of the new Curl Keeper Styling Collection, set to launch in Target stores


Curly Hair Solutions® is thrilled to venture into a new world of mass retail with its new line of curly hair styling products under the Curl Keeper® brand. The Curl Keeper® Styling Collection has every type of curl covered with eight unique problem-solving formulas that address the main issues with textured hair such as frizz control and shine. The concept behind the brand is to “Freestyle Your Lifestyle” and it is all about helping curlies create a style that is their own. The top five selling products include award-winning Curl Keeper® Original, Gel, Styling Cream, Leave-In Conditioner and Slip™, and they will be launching in Target in January of 2016.

“We’ve taken everything our fans know and love about the original Curl Keeper® formula and expanded the brand to house many different solutions for curl control,” said Jonathan Torch, Founder of Curly Hair Solutions®. “We’re delighted to now be able to have that same superior curl control for every different curl type.” Steven Torch, the CEO of Curly Hair Solutions® says, “We came into the market 15 years ago as a small Canadian brand selling through online websites and small hair salons. With a ton of hard work and building our brand through word of mouth, grass roots marketing and long lasting relationships is what allowed us this incredible opportunity to launch our products in Target.”
The New Curl Keeper® Collection consists of Curl Keeper® Original – This award-winning styling product offers total control of frizzy hair and enables all curlies to become masters of those gorgeous frizz-free curls. $9.99 for 3.4 oz, $17.50 for 8oz, $19.99 for 12oz (exclusive at Target), $46.00 for 1L. Curl Keeper® Gel – This water-based gel offers ultimate holding power while controlling frizz and fighting humidity without flakiness or crispiness. It leaves no product buildup and holds any curly hairstyle for several days. $9.99 for 3.4 oz, $17.50 for 8oz and $14.99 at Target, $46.00 for 1L. Curl Keeper® Styling Cream – Tames textured hair by allowing easy manipulation of curls into a looser, well defined, frizz-free curl with ultimate softness and clean shine. It is very effective in humidity and reactivates with water without leaving product buildup. $10.99 for 3.4 oz, $18.00 for 8oz and $14.99 at Target. Curl Keeper® Slip – Will easily loosen hair knots and tangles, eliminate flyaway hair, and lock in hair color. The conditioning ingredients in Slip™ leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny. $10.99 for 3.4 oz, $18.00 for 8oz and $14.99 at Target. Curl Keeper® Leave-In Conditioner – Smoothes and softens the rough cuticles that are responsible for frizzy flyaway hair. Its non-greasy formula never builds up, so you can use a generous amount of high humidity and leaves your hair feeling clean, shiny and soft. $10.99 for 3.4 oz, $18.00 for 8oz and $14.99 at Target.