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Black Entertainers

BET Rebel Star  Danielle  Moné  Truitt A Triple Threat

BET Rebel Star Danielle Moné Truitt A Triple Threat


It's a great time for black women in Hollywood. Who are some of your favorite people in Hollywood?

Oh ye,s #BlackGirlMagic is taking over and making its presence known! Viola Davis is my Shero. Ava Duvernay is becoming one of the most prolific Directors of our time. I adore Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and many others!

What inspires you?

  I am inspired by a lot of things. I actually make a point of looking for in

Aspiration whenever and wherever I can. I have found it in people, nature, God, art, and even in hard times. If I had to choose, I would say my sons, who are 2 and 5 years old, inspire me the most. When I get home from a long day they are right there saying "MOMMY!" and giving me all the love they can. They truly keep me going because I know that no matter what, I am loved!

How do you select your roles? Are there any past auditions that you wish you had said yes to?

In selecting roles to audition for, I just do what I feel led to do. I try not to let money be my driving force. I want to tell stories that matter. If I turned it down, it was because I didn't feel peace about it, or because I didn't feel it was right for me, but i have never regretted it. I've given tons more yes' than no's.

Tell us about your new project. What is your character like?

REBEL is a cop drama that centers on my character, Rebecca "Rebel" Knight. She is a police detective in Oakland, California, who ends up starting her own private investigating service after her brother is killed by police. She is strong. She is determined to fight for justice. She is the girl next door. Rebel is also someone that people will truly be able to relate to. She is a fixer, who is still trying to figure out how to fix her own life. She is a new kind of Super Hero!

Do you plan to produce a full cd of your own one day?

Ha ha... Maybe. I've been thinking about doing a Christmas album to start off. I am hoping to have time to do that in addition to everything else that this year brings.

What music do you love and what song out now do you have to turn off ?  I honestly love a little bit of everything. Hip hop, Pop and R&B are probably my favorites. I can't get into heavy metal and techno though.

I have a few movies listed below tell me on a scale from 1 to 10 what you think of them.

 Dream girls      The Whiz           Ray                  Truth or Dare by Madonna - I have never seen this one    Purple Rain     Lemonade  by Beyonce       Lady sings the Blues           

 What projects do you have in store that we should know for 2017 and 2018?  My new show, "REBEL" premieres on BET on March 28, 2017! For additional updates on my career,r you can follow me on Instagram @daniellemonetruitt

Thank you for your time. Do you have any last words for your fans? Have a great 2017!

Do everything that is on your heart to do. Our time is NOW! 

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