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Big Freedia the King of Bounce Music

Big Freedia the King of Bounce Music

Interview : #ouchmagaizneny @ouchmagazineny


 How did you get your own show, did you contact someone or were you discovered?

BF: My manager Boss and I had been talking about it for a while. At some point my team contacted World of Wonder, the production company, and they loved the idea. This is all documented in my new book, God Save the Queen Diva! Which is on Amazon and in stores everywhere!  How do the experiences that gay men have now differ from when you grew up?

BF: I really don’t know. My experience in Nola was very specific to our culture and city. I hope things are easier and more open for gay men and women everywhere.

Do you think that being 'gay' is trending and some people are just saying they are gay or bi for attention?

BF: No, I don’t believe that. Maybe kids are more experimental today since society is so much more open, but who would say they are gay if they’re aren’t?

Let’s play the name game. I will name a name and you tell me a word that you think describes them.

a. Laverne Cox—game changer

b. Ricky Martin—cute

c. RuPaul—pioneer

d. Ellen DeGeneres—hilarious

e. Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn Jenner—brave

f. Miley Cyrus—punk-rock


Now for more fun, how would you describe your style?

BF: Fabulous, hip-hop, Diva-ish, punk-rock

Do you pick out all your clothing looks?

BF: Oh yes, baby. My uncle Percy was a clothing maker and he’s made my clothes for me my whole career.

 What fashion trends or styles are out now that you hate?

BF: I don’t like maxi dresses and anything bohemian.

 How has dancing affected your life?

BF: Dancing, music, performance—it’s all greatly influenced my life. It’s the foundation of Bounce music and Bounce is my life.

What projects are you working on now and what should we look out for?

BF: Season 4 of my TV show on Fuse later this fall, my new album in the fall, a new tour, and of course I’ll be touring for my book as well!

How can fans reach out to you?

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