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Introducing  a new heartthrob singer actor Zach Callison

Introducing a new heartthrob singer actor Zach Callison


Photographer : SHERVIN LAINEZ   https://www.shervinfoto.com 

@Ouchmagazineny Editor: Rhonda McKnight 

1. How old were you when you discovered you wanted to work in entertainment?

I was seven, and had just gotten a part in my first musical at a local community college…The Music Man. Aside from my costume’s pants being far too large and falling down during a tech week run, I stuck with acting ever since.


2. Who are your past or current inspirations in music and acting?

Matt Bellamy of Muse, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Chastain, Christoper Nolan…just to pick a handful. I suppose the uniting factor in everyone and everything that I use for inspiration is a flair for the grandiose; all the names above are incredibly gifted at creating and carrying epic, high-stakes set pieces.


3. How do you describe your fans? Do you have a nickname for your fans ?

intensely loyal, and colorfully artistic. They also come from the same generation as me…I love that I’m working for my contemporaries with the stuff I put out.No names yet, though one is certainly needed…I think it’s theirs to choose, really. Guys? Hit me up.


4. What is your  musical style? What category in music  would you place it in?

I’m playing a sadistic game of Twister with my genre placement on this new record. It’s one part bluesy alt-rock, one part stage show soundtrack. Then there’s the rap genes within it…it’s a mess. I’ve settled on “theatrical alt” for the moment.


5. You seem to have an old soul as far as your songs. Do you write music if so which songs were written by you?

Every song on the project was written by me, no co-writes so far. That will definitely change with my next releases so I can diversify the style, but I wanted my first release to be one singular voice. Or, maybe I’m just stubborn.


6. Give  one word to describe your personality?


Mentally, I process and output at an alarming pace…and not in a good way. It certainly helps me analyze situations and surroundings quickly, but it also tends to get me stuck in spirals and loops when I can’t think in any direction but forward. I’ve given more well-grounded and relaxed people whiplash in the past.


7. The age of single heartthrob Justin Bieber is now over. Do you feel you're the next heartthrob to hit the scene? Are you  currently single?

Hey, I’m partial to current Biebs…dude’s broken the family-friendly mold, has a legit presence in the hip hop sphere, and has put out some seriously dope projects with maturity. He’s very much got a strong vocal and production vision. I’m in that lane too, but I’d say the comparison is a bit different because of the writing aspect of my work. 


End of the day, I’m totally down with being a heartthrob, but I’m of the mind that it’s always temporary; you’ll only stand the test of time if you make stuff that passes the test.


8. I am sure all of your female fans would love to know, what’s your type? Also what’s not the type for you?

I like hustlers, go-getters, and badasses. (Preferably all the above) I love my circle of friends because of how hard they work, and  how interesting and exceptional their work is. If you could surprise me with those two things, you’ve got me.

9. Where do you call home and where is the most interesting place you have visited so far?

LA, and  LA . greatest city in the world.

Switzerland is up there though; I spent a good deal of time studying there and it’s got a very private room in my heart.


10. Any buckle-list of travel tours you would love to be on?

I’m planning a Berlin trip right now for later in 2018, just to live in the techno clubs for a bit. In the bigger picture, sometime in the next few years, I intend to drive and camp southwest Africa (Namibia/Botswana , etc.) in a 4x4. That’s going to  take a bit more finessing, though.


11. Who do you currently listen to?

Can’t go wrong with KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Pusha T, Travis Scott, new Meek Mill and Young Thug has  been in rotation as well. Then there’s the electronic…Great Dane’s new album is cool. Saw Whethan and OliverTree live recently, digging them. Then some random Swedish music since I’m in Stockholm right now. Not a lot of alt, oddly…a bit disappointed with new stuff from the scene at the moment.

12. How can fans see you live any promo tours lined up?

I’ll be touring with NateWantsToBattle for the Paid In Exposure Tour this August across the US, with more dates to be announced soon! I’ll be out there playing new stuff and hanging out in the pit with new merch…tickets are on zachcallison.com!