Ouch Magazine Covers Actor  Parker Coppins  as One to Watch (Influencers)

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Ouch Magazine Covers Actor Parker Coppins as One to Watch (Influencers)


OCTOBER 2017 / VOL.49

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  Please let our readers know what exactly is a Digital Influencer? How hard is it to become one?

A digital influencer is someone who has a large following online. It depends on which area you would like success in and how you define success. YouTube is a great platform, as the monetization allows for people to work full time. Regardless, it is going to take a good amount of effort.

Why are YouTubers in such demand now?

YouTube allows anyone to get a job if they can find where they belong in the subcategories. For some it is about money, and for others they just love their audience. Making things without a limit is a luxury and not everyone is able to sustain it on a regular basis.

Why do you think people are leaving TV shows to watch YouTube and/or Netflix shows?

I would say mostly out of convenience. YouTube nearly stands alone as the king of digital entertainment platforms based on advertising.

How did you get involved with Adventure Room?

Maker, a multi-channel network, was purchased by Disney a few years ago. They asked me if I would like to be involved with the project. I can't say no! The project was locking four YouTuber's in a white box. The walls projected a game that you can physical play on the walls. We then had to escape the "game" to get out of the box. It was awesome. We found out at the end of the ten hours that we were actually locked in there!

What other YouTube shows and channels do you watch besides your own?

He's been doing these daily videos for so long, Casey Neistat has absolutely mastered daily vlogs.

Do you consider yourself famous? Why or why not? 

I will get recognized by large crowds, but I can live my day to day life without issue.

How has your life changed in the last year?

Well, my life has taken a 180 with Parker Plays.

Tell us about Parker Plays?

Parker Plays is a show about a dude playing video games, and that dude is me. I make jokes and play games! We have an incredible team making everything possible with ending skits and parodies. Joel Rubin, Woody Tondorf…everyone on the show are incredible people.

Do you have time for a personal life?  My personal time is my work. I love what I do but it certainly sometimes gets hectic. At the beginning of the year I was working 14 hours a day, every single day. That is not sustainable but you live and you learn.

What is your favorite hobby?

I love design and artwork. Although I'm not great at it myself, I hire incredible designers to create artwork for T-shirt designs. I found my hobby in my work.

What is your secret talent that we don't know about? I can juggle and I can burp the ABC’s. I don't show that to anyone.

If you weren’t a YouTuber, what else would be on your bucket list of careers? Architect, Web Designer, Entrepreneur. Where can fans come out and see you or follow you online? I'm on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube @ParkerGames

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