SYD WILDER -Ouch Magazine  Dec 2016 Cover exclusive

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SYD WILDER -Ouch Magazine Dec 2016 Cover exclusive

Syd Wilder Ouch Magazine

Cover/Feature Photography: Mario Barberio

Jennifer Conejo - Makeup

Andrew Hernandez - Hair

Interview @rhonda_mcknight


1. How do you feel social media has impacted your career? Do you think that you would be where you are without YouTube?

I feel like social media has greatly impacted my career for the best. I honestly don't think I would be where I am today without writing, producing and creating my own content. YouTube and Funny or Die have given me the platforms to grow both as an artist and creator. Although, any aspiring artist out there knows it all comes from believing in yourself. I believed in myself and I studied very hard and even when I didn't know nearly enough of what I should be doing, I did it anyway and learned what I needed to know on the job. So don't ever stop believing in yourself and making yourself better. Don’t be afraid just because you don't have all the answers. What you don't know you'll figure out eventually. Know that you will fail, but don't let that stop you from moving on to the next thing.


2. How do you prepare for roles?

I have this acting book where I have compiled all of my notes from ALL of my acting classes. (I've taken almost every class imaginable in this town) I pick which notes I think will help me the most for whatever role I've been given. I read the script and I handwrite notes on each page about the character, and her relationships with all the other characters in the world of the script. So, basically I psychoanalyze everything. Then I start coming up with the characters backstory and questioning everything the character has gone through and is going through on each page of the script. I basically become a private investigator for the character and I run my lines backwards and forwards and I hand write all the lines I'm given at least 10 times so I can get them in my body. I call my acting coach, or one of my girls at Lesly Kahn's and we run the scene for 30 minutes. I do all of that preparation if I am actually given the time to prepare.

3. What are your funniest moments as an actress?

On the set of "Night of the Living Deb" in Maine there were all of these child extras on set with their parents. I don't think the parents were aware I would be dying in lingerie so seeing their faces as their children watched me die was priceless. I overheard a Dad ask his son what happened to his cool zombie walk he'd been rehearsing for a week, and the kid pointed at me. I tried not to laugh because I didn't want Kyle to have to deal with the kids being too distracted. So I went over in my robe and I asked the kid to show me his best walk, I gave him a high five and I said okay now walk like that every time to look super cool!

4. Who inspires you?

My grandfather who passed in 2012 inspires me. He was a Navy Seal and he inspires me every day as well as my Mother. They survived against all odds and they both maintained a very positive outlook on life instead of becoming bitter and giving up. They both were and are instilled with this determination to succeed, positive energy, mental toughness, and sense of humor all while remaining humble and honoring their family and God. I also really love listening to Joel Osteen. He always lifts my spirit.

5. Can you name your Top 5 favorite movies of all time?

This is a hard one. How about Top 6? The first that come to mind are: 1. This Is Spinal Tap 2. Romy and Michelle's high school reunion 3. High Anxiety 4. Austin Powers 5. Bow finger 6. Bridesmaids 

6. You are sexy and funny. We had Stevie Ryan on our covers a while back. How do people respond to you because you are attractive and funny?

Thank you very much for the compliment. I love Stevie Ryan! I think she is absolutely hysterical and gorgeous! We had an audition together on the Warner Brothers lot a while ago and I complimented her on her work and told her I was a big fan. Stevie was very sweet and we tweeted each other after. I was very taken aback by her positive vibes. It was really refreshing. Usually, women are either deathly afraid of me and avoid me because I scare them and they think I'm going to steal their boyfriends, or are they overly confident, creepy, rude and turn out to be kind of sociopathic. I have yet to find a balance of people that don't completely isolate me. I'm a girls girl regardless of how sexy my image might be, so it's disheartening that I'm not as included as I wish to be in other people's cliques but it's something I've learned to accept and I'm building my own tribe. I don't ever want to make people feel like they aren't included or accepted. I'm a lover and regardless of how "sexy" I paint my face and pose for a picture that's not who I am everyday. It's an image I've created.

7. Name 2 things you do to stay in shape.

I try to maintain a very healthy diet and limit my cheat meals as much as possible. I have a serious sweet tooth and when I give in I make sure I do cardio to make up for it because I don't have the body type that can keep weight off naturally. I don't drink alcohol that much anymore but when I do indulge in a drink I only drink vodka and soda. I don't order a high sugary mixed cocktail, as I'd rather have a Sprinkles Cupcake.

8. What projects are you working on now? Please tell us about your role in each project.

The zombie comedy "Night of The Living Deb" that I executive produced and have a supporting role in was released last month on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes. I play Stacy the fiancé of Michael Cassidy. She's not the nicest person in the world and is a bit of an elitist but is one of those characters you love to hate. Laid in America was also released digitally last month and you can also find it on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. I play a much more likable character named Scarlett who is the older and nicer sister of Josh Leyva A.K.A. "Tucker" in the movie as he plays the mean jock. Scarlett is an online sex coach for KSI and Casper Lee. My scenes are in the beginning and the end. I've heard a lot of my fans tell me they love the ending. Currently, I am writing a pilot about what it's like to be an up-and-coming actress in Los Angeles and the strange yet hysterical situations you are put in while trying to accomplish your dreams. I'm also creating content for my YouTube channel as well as funny short video content for my Instagram and Facebook pages.

9. Who's you Hollywood crush and why? My Hollywood crush would probably be the character from Game of Thrones, Drogo. Not the actor (Jason Momoa) because I don't want to meet the actor in real life and have it ruin the fantasy of Drogo for me. In my experience meeting the celebrity you have a crush on kind of ruins it for you.

10. How can fans reach out to you? You can follow me on my YouTube channel and other social media handles: Instagram: SydWilder Twitter: SydWilder Facebook: TheRealSydWilder Snap chat: SydWilder4Real

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