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Actress Sammi Hanratty

  Exclusive @ouchmagazineny  Interview  Rhonda McKnight  Let us know more about your new role in the Lifetime’s “Seeds of Yesterday,” will be premiering this April 2015. My character Cindy is a shameless flirt who enjoys twirling older men around her finger. She acts out sexually with men she barely knows to try and get over the one man she has always wanted...her brother Bart. The two of them have a love/hate relationship.  How do you prepare for a role? Even though the process can be different for each roll, there are certain things I do for each one. I research as much as I can about the character. Getting to know them on an intimate level and how they'd behave...

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Singer Symon x Ouch Magazine she a Hot one

  Photographer: Alex Loucas Hair: Hailey Adickes   Makeup: Ashley Donovan  Interview Rhonda Mcknight   1. How would you describe your style and your voice? I grew up being trained in theatre, classical, opera, and pop music. Everything influenced me to make me the artist I am today. I would say my style and voice is just me 2. Who inspires you right now that is already out there? Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Halsey, Major Lazer, and Max Martin. 3. What inspires you in general? Woody Allen films, religion, relationships, Audrey Hepburn, Sunset Blvd, Italian food, iconic art, and MUSIC of course 4. Do you write your own songs? If so, which ones? I do write my own songs. I...

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