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Actress Gabrielle Nevaeh Green of “That Girl Lay Lay"

Actress Gabrielle Nevaeh Green of “That Girl Lay Lay"

Photographer:CD Green

Makeup- @melanimillsmua




As a woman of color , how difficult was it to break into the nickelodeon franchise ?

As a woman of color, I am acutely aware of my responsibilities and of the challenges/struggles that can be out there as an actress and in life.

However, my journey with Nickelodeon has been extremely supportive and I’m grateful for every step along the way. Nickelodeon and the Viacom family actually gave me the opportunity to be the first female and the first black female to call an NFL playoff game for CBS. The honor of being the first is still something that I’m digesting. My philosophy in life is to outwork everyone no matter what I’m doing, excellence cannot be denied. I love each moment of my career, the achievements and the disappointments. I learn the most during the low times and it reminds me to think about what God is doing in my life and what He is protecting me from. The no is always moving me on to a bigger and better yes.

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How do you stay so upbeat on TikTok and Instagram?

What are a few tips to help others as well.When it comes to social media, I always make sure I’m having fun. I think it’s important to create content that you enjoy making even if it’s not “trending” or what’s “popular” at the moment. Some advice that I would give others when it comes to staying upbeat on social media would be to ignore the haters and be authentically you!

When did you start acting and has there been another career that you thought maybe the one before acting? How did this all come about?

I started acting when I was around ten or eleven. When I was younger,I had dreams of being a veterinarian because I loved animals. All of that changed when I entered the theatre program at my middle school and discovered my passion for acting!


Do you work with a small team or a large team?

I work with a small team of large people haha. But seriously, I work with a small team who all specialize in different areas of my career.

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What do you call your personal style versus your persona?

‘My personal style and my persona are very similar! I would definitely say my persona is extremely flashy, you can usually find me dressed in rhinestones and bright colors; out being the life of the party!’

At home I have a more eclectic style while loving to wear comfortable fabrics and styles. I’m much more relaxed at home but I’m always cracking jokes and having fun.

What projects should fans watch out for if you'll be in for 2021 and 2002?

I have a ton of new projects that are still top secret, but fans can tune into my new show, “That Girl Lay Lay” on Nickelodeon and they can also check out “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” coming to HBO Max later this year! New music is also on the way as well!

I love to play a word game with you. I will give you one name and just answer the one word that comes to mind for you.



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B. Vacation Spot

Big Bear

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C. TikTok


GABRIELLE NEVAEH GREEN  cover Ouch Magazine_7


D. CryptoCurrency


GABRIELLE NEVAEH GREEN  cover Ouch Magazine_8

E. Hottie and or Crush

Chris Hemsworth

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Do you have certain trends that you love or certain ones you'd like to disappear? If so, what are they?

I love a good dance trend! Those are always the most fun to do with friends on TikTok. I don’t think I have any trends that I would boot out at the moment, they’re all pretty entertaining!

Where can fans reach you via social media?

Fans can follow me on Instagram and TikTok @gabriellenevaeh



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