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A new take on a old classic  BEETOLOGY

A new take on a old classic BEETOLOGY

Where to buy? specialty food and kosher stores; kayco.com. Yes beets are very good for you. Beets often leave your fingers very red and are so hard to cut into a salad. Now you can receive all that goodness in a bottle in various cool favors. The Beetology is perfect for millennial who want to drink healthy and life a better life! The innovation team at New Jersey-based Kayco is introducing its first line of functional beet beverages called Beetology. Beetology beverages are cold-pressed wellness drinks made from beets, which are nutrient-dense, high in antioxidants, and believed to be good for the heart, brain and blood pressure. Five varieties are currently available: Beet + Lemon + Ginger; Beet + Veggie; Beet + Tropical Fruit; Beet + Berry; and Beet + Cherry. All of the drinks are non-GMO, certified organic, certified fair trade, kosher, all-natural, and non-dairy. Each Beetology case includes six 8-ounce bottles.