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Pierre Michel Salon Hair Stylist on Pixie and Shaved Cuts

Pierre Michel Salon Hair Stylist on Pixie and Shaved Cuts

interview : Rhonda McKnight

Do I have Miley Cyrus's Hair Cut: What are your thoughts on the look? 

As someone who loves to work with new hot trendy styles, I love Miley cut! I myself have something similar to her haircut, I think it is a great way to spice up a pixie cut and it gives you so many styling options. When the longer top of the hair is down its a pixie, up it's a totally different cut similar to Rihanna's shaven sidecut.

How often would a client have to come and get a cut?

This cut requires more upkeep than the pixie as you have to keep the underneath very short which might make quick visits to your stylist necessary every 3 weeks.

The Pixie Cut: MICHELLE WILLIAM ’S, Jennifer Lawrence and many others have cut off all their hair for the pixie trend. 

Do you like the cut and how hard is it to upkeep?

It is one of those styles that fit you depending on your face shape. Pixie cuts are definitely better on round shaped faces with long oval faces pixie cuts can give the appearance of a longer face. The cut is great easy daily styling and yes upkeep is more frequent but if you don't mind a shorter time in between cuts go for the pixie, it is def hot right now!

What are a few trade secrets for the styling processing and what products can you recommend?

Styling is simple for the pixie some smoothing gel such as Bain de Terre jasmine smoothing gel and a good small round brush and a blow-dryer with a nozzle makes for easy styling straight. For a more textured look apply a product such as AC gel mousse and style hair using fingers and blowdryer finish off with some kiehls.

One side SHAVED: Rihanna, Cassie have chosen the one side shaved.

What do you think?? Hot or Not?

How often do you have to come to keep this look?

Again it's a new trendy cut and so much fun to create a client. For this cut you do need a strong bone structure it works best with high cheekbones, it is a haircut with a lot of definition so it looks best on someone with face definition.