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Minis4Me is great for Travel

Minis4Me is great for Travel






The Minis 4 Me    


case is the world's first fully customizable portable cosmetic case, that you fill with the makeup you wear. It's sleek design and compact size allows it to easily fit into a small evening bag, purse, backpack or briefcase. Lifting the lid gives you access to the upper compartments. The rear compartment is a tray where you can place brushes, lip, eye and brow pencils or anything else you want to carry around. The front compartment has a magnetic base that holds mini pans of eyeshadows, blush, and powders. Simply place the pan on the tray and its held in place. Move them around, change them when you want different colors. It's completely flexible! The integrated mirrors allow you discreetly touch up your makeup when you're on the go. The bottom half of the case holds the spring-loaded "tube items". Simply push-in to lock in place, then push-in to release and remove!

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