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Savagex  Fenty went LIVE

Savagex Fenty went LIVE


Microfiber T-Shirt Bra  #editorpick love!




online-shop review by @rhonda_mcknight The website is amazing and orginal. I especially love the video branding for unique individuals . I am loving the collections my favorite #editorpicks  are the 


Lace Teddy $69 Plunge


Lace Bra with pannty $59 The prices are reasonable and the sizes are fun. I will do a follow-up review once I actually buy and wear a few items . So far so good Riri fans will not be disappointed.


I forgot to mentions the honest titles she produced such as : one the rag, send me nudes ,U cute and Damn . This women is after my own heart! 

xtrasavage is for VIP s ha ha can we get on this list RiRi  #ouchmagazineny

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AUDREY_v6.3.1 from SavageXFenty on Vimeo.

SAHARA_v3.2.1 from SavageXFenty on Vimeo.