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PopSugar Playground the celebrity and Influencers quotes 2019

    QUOTES: Camila Mendes, Power Your Confidence “I never knew I had an eating disorder until my sister had an eating disorder as well. She’s bulimic. My situation was never a comparison, I would purge every once in a while, thinking it’s not a big deal.” “I don’t dress like Veronica (on Riverdale) normally…Playing that character who was so put together; she always looks perfect. The pressure of playing a character like that made me perceive myself differently.”   “Power Your Truth” featuring headliner Chrissy Teigen, moderated by celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin: The real-life BFF duo kept the fans laughing as Chrissy shared outrageous anecdotes and advice with the packed crowd. At one point, daughter Luna joined her mom...

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