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Indonesian Diveristy FW19

Indonesian Diveristy FW19

Four dynamic Indonesian designers put a spin on the FW19 collections at NYFW: The Shows on Thursday morning on-site at Industria. The participating designers shown on the runway were Dian Pelangi, Alleira Batik, Itang Yunasz and 2 Madison Avenue. Attendees were left in awe by each garment as they flowed down the runway. Intricate details like embroidered lace, bead work, and crystals were woven onto organic cotton, silk, leather and satin – many of the looks encompassing the traditional Indonesian prints and head wraps, like hijabs and turbans. The runway show commenced with the collection of Dian Pelangi titled “Social Love,” her interpretation on the “hype” of the fashionista on social media. With pieces that left many of the American guests asking if the collection was “See Now Buy Now.”, Pelangi demonstrated that hijabi women can be cool, modern, and embrace street style. “Women rocking a hijab should still be able to represent the modern, dynamic, and sporty street style typical of Manhattan.” quipped Pelangi backstage before the show. Each look had layered dresses and coats cinched at the waist over pants, obstructing the mainstream vision of femininity; integrating tones of pink, black, and yellow. Accessories included cat eye sunglasses that were ripe for street style snaps. Itang Yunasz captivated the crowd with with flowy dresses that epitomized luxury, batik-chic, the traditional print of Indonesia, transporting them to a dreamy Jakarta night. Intricate details like crystal embroidery and seashells created a boho-chic aesthetic on the tulle, silk organza full length dresses that can easily be worn day or night – with the promise of transporting you to an Indonesian paradise. Each look was adorned by show-stopping turbans made from traditional fabric. 2 Madison Avenue brought new silhouettes, vibrant colors and structure to the runway. The collection was filled with hot pink, red, yellow, and other contemporary colors; along with a juxtaposition of textiles, designs, and knee-high boots. A world tour of inspiration from Africa to Japan and Spain to New York, the presentation started with pink and leather leading to embroidered evening wear; featuring euro-style pop-art to an elegant, white, finale dress. The fourth collection, Alleira Batik, presented a sophisticated collection of tunics and dresses with traditional red and aqua blue silks and organza along with structured jackets. The show-stopper was a printed pantsuit with plum, burgundy, and red hues that effortless worked with unexpected synergy. The print recurred in other silhouettes that were both wearable and editorial, a hard feat for any designer.

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