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Website | Instagram @APUJAN APUJAN’s new SS23 Film "Fantasy Hotel in the Sky" combines a fashion show with a drama, starring actors Wilson Hsu, Josie Lin, Rakuten Girls’ Chen, Yi-Jui and Golden Horse Award winner Mo Tzu-Yi. Special guests include blind pianist Huang Yu-Siang and DJ So Lonely, who are also invited to illustrate this brand-new theme. Apu Jan is well known for using literary...

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APUJAN’s virtual LFW collaboration with Fashion Scout

APUJAN’s virtual LFW collaboration with Fashion Scout   The theme of the new season is no exception. The story is about the moon in the water and the flower in the mirror. You can see it, but you won’t find its illusion until you touch it. Mirror flower, water moon is an Asian proverb that has been circulated for thousands of years. Its meaning is something that can be seen but...

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