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Negris LeBrum NYFW SS21 - Ouch! Magazine : Fashion Entertainment Blog and Publication

Negris LeBrum NYFW SS21

This dichotomy of injustice can be seen throughout the Negris LeBrum Spring 2021 collection. Track suits sitting alongside dressy career options & cocktail dresses walking along side feather light chiffon printed sundresses speak to the contrasts that exist on the streets of every town in the country. Wholly modern silhouettes are balanced with some throwback pieces that look to be pulled from the glory days...

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STAN - SS21 COLLECTION - Ouch! Magazine : Fashion Entertainment Blog and Publication


Inspired by Southern California coastal lifestyle, this collection brings you back to surfing and skate culture during the 1970s Lords of Dogtown era in Santa Monica. In Stan designer Tristan Detwiler's curatorial exploration this past winter along the Eastern Seaboard, and up through the cold of Vermont and Maine, he unveiled wintertime stories of age-old antiques from granddaughters of quilters and hidden gems of the...

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