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Patricia Field’s ARTFASHION Show only in NYC

Patricia Field’s ARTFASHION Show only in NYC




“We get our inspiration from what we are surrounded by. From our set design to our visuals, we tend to lean towards mixing non-conventional ideas of beauty, gender-fluidity & sexuality with themes and references to popular culture and fashion. For us, visual content production goes beyond high cheekbones and industry-shaped expectations. We strive to celebrate and support artists promoting body positivity, feminist movements, and LGBT content, and are proud to be building a community of creatives and makers pushing forward our vision.” - Kyra Ross, MonaLiza Studios Founder


“Eclectic people, great artists and true New York vibes. It’s a great crowd to entertain.” - Baby Yors, Recording Artist/Editorial Night Performer


“It’s hard to describe the night, the first time I went, it was like stepping into a Wonderland of fashion, beauty and camera flashes. We’re excited to be a part of this night with Monaliza Studios." - Barbie Beach, Patricia Field ARTFASHION


“There is a lot of exciting energy at Editorial Night, where artists are connecting with each other and creating together. I love the concept, and I am proud to be part of a project that brings people together while collectively embracing the progressive ideologies that I believe in, passionately. Everyone is free to exist, create and interact without fear of judgment at MonaLiza Studios. I look forward to watching this event series grow and to continue collaborating with industry leaders such as Patricia Field.” - Jasmine Glass, Glassbook Founder/Creative Director 


About MonaLiza Studios:


Monaliza Studios is an NYC-based photo and set design studio that inspires a global audience of creators, influencers, and photographers. Three studios in SoHo and East Williamsburg feature antique & vintage furniture in beautifully designed spaces for visual content production. 


About Glassbook:

Glassbook is a creative network of forward-thinkers, inspired artists, and individuals who crave positive change. We believe in media as a vehicle from which we can push culture and society forward, with the help of our exceptional contributors. 


About Patricia Field ARTFASHION:

As a native New Yorker, boutique owner and style innovator, Patricia Field has worked closely for years with a whose-who of creative visionaries. From iconic artists of decades past like Keith Haring and Basquiat (who sold painted t-shirts in her famous 8th Street shop) to burgeoning talents of today like Jody Morlock and Scooter LaForge, art has always played an integral role in her world. So, who better to lead a new generation of artists through the emerging 'wearable art' movement than Patricia Field? The 'ARTFASHION' Gallery is comprised entirely of original, made-to-order, handcrafted pieces by a select group of artists, curated by Field and sold exclusively at www.patriciafield.com. 


About Zirkova One+Together: 


Zirkova One+Together believes that every one of us is a unique and vital part of this beautiful tapestry that we call humanity. In Ukraine, there is a traditional toast, "Budmo" - or "just be" - that acknowledges the greatness in each of us. We are committed to empowering everyone to do just that; to just be you. To appreciate and celebrate each other. And to unite through uplifting moments of optimism and possibility. We are One+Together. 


About Zandwagon:

Zandwagon is a model management and talent casting company that represents and casts people who are breaking beauty standards in television, print, beauty, fashion and reality tv. Zandwagon’s mission is to not only provide jobs for our talent but to raise awareness and create harmony in a time of political eruption.