PRAER New Clothing Line created by Amanda Grace Benitez

PRAER New Clothing Line created by Amanda Grace Benitez

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PRAER is Inspired by my Panamanian heritage and ethical responsibilities to our planet and its inhabitants. PRAER is a women led and employed clothing line that uses only vegan, organic, and sustainable materials and is hand-crafted in Los Angeles. 



PRAER was started in 2015 as a passion project to raise awareness of the beauty and culture of Panama’s indigenous people. All of the imagery on our clothing represents the authentic Panamanian-Indian culture and highlights the unique beauty of the mola; a reverse appliqué technique that has been practiced for centuries, where multi colored textiles are woven together to create stunning visuals and patterns that tell stories in their unique designs. 

Collection One will be the first release December 1st, 2021.


A percentage of all proceeds will go to Panamanian charities to help the education system and children in challenging environments. Protection Status