Hunk Alert Actor Emrhys Cooper-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Hunk Alert Actor Emrhys Cooper

How did you get into the Acting Business?I started my work on stage at a very young age. If you can believe it, I was no more than 6 years old. I was doing local plays in Devon, England.Shortly afterward, I joined the dance arena. That was an area where my sister wasalready making her mark.My basic schoolwork was suffering at the time. This was...

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CW Seed's Beerfest Actor Blake Cooper Griffin-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

CW Seed's Beerfest Actor Blake Cooper Griffin

    Photographer : Vince Trupsin    https://vincetrupsinstudio.com @ouchmagazineny Editor Rhonda McKnight    1.How did you prepare for this new role?   Well, I’m admittedly more of a tequila guy, but I’m also really into games so I’ve played my fair share of flip cup and beer pong.   2. What kind of acting roles do you see yourself branching out to in the near future?...

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Young Hollywood Actor Matty Cardarople-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Young Hollywood Actor Matty Cardarople

      Get your tickets for #DCC2018 before they are gone! We don’t hold tickets, and Saturday and 3-Day passes usually sell out before the con. Get them before it’s too late and before the prices go up at the door! Buy tickets: https://t.co/1SCM7RYHKu pic.twitter.com/fUuo5xPk8C— Denver Comic Con (@DenverComicCon) June 6, 2018 How long have you been a professional actor? Since 2006 Can you...

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