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Dancer Asia Monet Ray

Dancer Asia Monet Ray



Asia Monet  Ray Cover  #NEW GENERATION  
Cover Story: Model: Asia Monet Ray
Photographer: Birdie Thompson      
Glam: Nichole Ray

Fashion Editor : Rhonda McKnight
Asia, I watched videos of you dancing and I have to say 'you're amazing!". How did you discover your talent in dancing or performing?
I fell in love with dancing a little before turning 2 years old. I felt so happy and natural when I was performing, I think I was just blessed with the confidence it takes to be on a stage!
So you are 10 years old but I feel like you have seen and done more than most young Hollywood actors.  What has been your most rewarding experience so far?
Thank you, I have been blessed early on with opportunities in dance and acting. I'm so grateful to have a supportive family and team around me for guidance. I never really realized all the things that I have done until I sit down for an interview and they run down everything from 5 years old to now. Currently, the most rewarding experience is being cast in Ryan Murphy’s new show. I say this because crossing over from a dancer and singer to an actress hasn't been easy, but I have worked hard and make it a point to put in the time with my acting coach. I also go to many auditions and I continue to learn and get better. I understand that it's not easy.
To add to your beauty, you will next be seen in the new series American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson on FX.  What role will you play in this series?
I play Sydney Simpson, OJ Simpson’s daughter. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays OJ. When I went out for the audition I booked it without even a callback! That was the best feeling, and such a rewarding experience, because I worked to have the best audition knowing I was up against girls that solely act. It was an exciting moment for me.
How was it to be in a series with so many A-list actors? It was the best experience. I still can't believe it some times, walking the red carpet with that cast was ''EVERYTHING''…I'm still smiling!
How do you prepare for this entertainment lifestyle that you have for yourself? Do you get to spend time with your friends? Are you home schooled?  Yes, I'm homeschooled and I have a crazy schedule but I would not change any of it. I love everything I do and I still have time to fit in outings and fun times with friends. My mom's great with fitting it all in.
What would you do if you were not in show business? In other words, do you have any other passions ? I still love gymnastics, I also love to write, draw, and I absolutely love fashion.
You're so pretty. What is your nationality? Where do you call home?
My dad is African American and my mom is Filipino mix.  

Who is your Hollywood crush?  Ummm...right now, I don't know.


Whats Next?
I think I'm done with the whole reality drama. I love where I'm at right now and I am excited about my acting and singing journey.
What is your favorite color? What is your personal style?
 Favorite color ~ pink, black, and gold.
Style~ sporty, fun and classic.
Who do you admire and who do you aspire to be that is already an iconic person?
Well,…I have to say Beyonce is always my #1. 
How can fans reach out to you ?
Instagram - Asiamonetray
Twitter - Asiamonetray
Facebook - Asia Monet Ray