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Under 21 Ones to Watch Ramon Reed

Under 21 Ones to Watch Ramon Reed

Photographer: Kenneth Dolan

Interviews by @ouchmagazineny

Ramon Reed is a singer and actor known for his role as, Young Simba in The National Lion King Live, as well as his current role as Owen Blatt, in Disney's American family comedy television series “Just Roll With It”


How old are you and when did you start your very first acting job?

I am currently 14 years old. I booked my first acting job in September 2017 ,which was Disney’s The Lion King on the National Rafiki Tour as Young Simba and then five months later ,I was asked to perform on the Broadway as Young Simba.


Do you come from a family already in the entertainment business?

I do not come from a family of professional entertainers; however, we definitely have entertainers and comedians in my family.  



Tell us about your current role on Disney? 

I am on a Disney Channel show titled “Just Roll With It” . It is a first of it’s kind and blends a regular scripted sit-com with flares of improv. Season 2 is out now on Disney Channel. I play a character named Owen who is a by the book accomplished student who goes on insane mental spirals often.


How is he similar and or different from you in real life?

Owen and I can both go on crazy spirals every now and again and think of the worst thing that could ever happen in a minor situation. I don’t follow rules as much as he does, though every so often I can be a little rebellious.


What's your favorite food right now?

Homemade Baked Mac & Cheese


Who are your most admired peers that inspire you?

I admire a lot of my friends such as Christian J. Simon, Issac Ryan Brown, and also someone I haven’t met, but really love what she is doing is Marsai Martin.


What's in your music favorites?

“My favorite musical artists are PJ Morton, Jonathan McReynolds, Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande, Miguel, and many more!”


How do you stay busy at this time of having to stay home?

I continue to birth ideas even in the state of complacency. I FaceTime my friends and cousins very often and play lots of games with my family and video games with my friends.


How can fans reach out to you and virtual projects?

Follow me on my social media IG, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook


Where can they follow you on social media?

Insta @iamramon.reed

Twitter @RamonReed20


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