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Actress HANNAH LEVIEN of "Brand New Cherry Flavor” on Netflix

Photographer: Corey Nickols.        Hair & Make Up: Aaron Barry 

Actress HANNAH LEVIEN  of  "Brand New Cherry Flavor”  on Netflix_1



Brand New Cherry Flavor. How did you come across this amazing project and was this role your first choice?

I received the material to audition - that’s how I first came across the project. The first thing that caught my eye was the cool title, and “Nick Antosca”. I’m a huge fan of his work. I first auditioned for the role of Lisa, however. And after reading the script, I became obsessed with the character of Christine. She’s described in the pilot as “a young Debbie Harry”. And I’m a big Blondie fan-so I immediately set my sights on Christine!

I watched this and it was so trippy. How was it on set in real life filming?

It was also very trippy on set (haha!). The absurdity of the events was not lost on us. I really had to step into a world of a slightly distorted reality and just got with it… where trapdoors appear, and couches talk. It was a head trip for sure. But it was so fun. I remember one of our first scenes in Episode One (directed by Arkasha Stevenson) where Zelda (played by Skylar Radzion) has her whole face wrapped in bandages from 90s plastic surgery, and she’s offering us all grilled cheeses. It was so absurd. It felt like a twilight zone version of The Breakfast Club. I remember thinking - this is it. This is the weird world & tone we’re creating, and we’re all stepping into it and committing to it together.

Where did you film the series?

In Vancouver and Los Angeles

Where do you call home?

I’m Australian, so my home will always be there. I grew up in Brisbane. But now I’m living between Vancouver and LA.

Are you a horror movie fan? If so, what's your "3 top best top pick horror movies ever"?

To be honest, there are a lot of horror movies I haven’t seen (I’m embarrassed to say!). But my three faves are probably Scream, Hereditary and Wolf Creek. I have so many more to watch!

Is this your first time working on a Netflix originals series?

It is!

Actress HANNAH LEVIEN  of  "Brand New Cherry Flavor”  on Netflix_2


What future projects are you currently working on that we should know about?

I have a sci-fi feature film in development with Telefilm Canada. It’s based on a short film I wrote and acted in called Hunting Season. We played a lot of film festivals through 2019 and had such a great response - we’re turning it into a feature!

What's a day in your life like?

Always starts with coffee (I’m obsessed- a true Australian haha). And a bit of yoga/tai chi. Then it depends what I have on… sometimes I’m working on an audition, sometimes I’m writing. I always try to get outdoors at some point and do some exercise. I’m big into adventures and clearing my head. And winding down with a drink and some friends in the evening. Catching a sunset is always an added bonus!!

What beauty/health routine do you stick by?

Moisturizer!! I’m a fan of a cleanse, tone, moisturizer, Vitamin C and sunscreen routine-in that order haha. I recently added a toner back in (Obaji Zen) and it’s made a huge difference to break outs etc! And the Drunk Elephant or Skinceuticals Vit C is phenomenal. Also Super Goop under eye cream is a must for brightening my under eyes (which I desperately need on some days)! Also drink water!

What inspires you in life? How do you stay humble?

I’m inspired by creativity. New ideas and new ways of seeing things. Whether that’s an art exhibition, listening to a new band, experiencing something in nature (nature’s art) or having a stimulating conversation about creativity… it really gets my mind going and reminds me what it’s all about. Staying grateful keeps me humble. Writing a gratitude list every day is so beneficial for that.

How can fans reach out to you via social media?

I’m on Instagram @hannahlevienofficial and on Twitter @hannahlevien

What can you say to aspiring young actors about being in the field of entertainment today?

Make your own stuff. Focus on understanding and learning about “the industry” and your “craft” to an extent. But then get out there and start doing it. We learn by doing. The most precious thing you have is your own voice and your own autonomy. Don’t let anyone take that from you! And don’t give it away. You got this!