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Actress Jill Morrison on Life and Work

Actress Jill Morrison on Life and Work

She’s living the Hollywood actors dream with various shows all streaming now. Watch her on “Motherland: Fort Salem” , “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” , A&E’s “Project Blue Book”


Photography: Noah Asanias    

Styling: Joanna Kulpa   

Hair+ Makeup: Min-Jee Mowat  




 You are recurring in the new series “Motherland: Fort Salem," Can you please describe your role?

My character’s name is Berryessa Tansey and she is a strong, vibrant, humorous witch! The show is very high stakes (war)! And the situation is very dangerous in terms of what we are training these young witches for at Fort Salem. It’s wonderful to be nurturing and tough with them as Berryessa prepares them for their training. Berryessa teaches about certain sensual aspects of their training, and it’s very empowering to these young women. And a very open-minded type of storytelling. It’s awesome to play such an empowered woman, who spreads that love.


How do you choose the right roles for your brand of acting? Are there any things you would never act in?

I work very hard to be seen as a dramatic actress, and not only a funny person. So I worked hard to prove that, and it’s paying off. So my focus has been to have a versatile career. I look up to someone like Alison Janney, she does high caliber versatile work. I want to work with amazing storytellers, and I get to! I would never act in something that glorifies certain criminals. For example, I turned down auditioning for the movies about Scott Peterson and Paul Bernardo. I have such empathy for the families of the victims, and I wouldn’t want to be a part of anything that could wound them more. And if something came along that is about a person like that, it would have to be for a greater good, a bigger purpose. Not just to make money off horrible crimes.


I recently watched your role in “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” and you were so funny! Would you consider more comedic roles?

Oh, Thank you! It was so fun! My background is improv and sketch comedy, and I love it very much. Always want more comedy! I have worked on a few sitcoms, and it’s amazing and very fulfilling, so my ultimate dream is really to do sitcoms.


What's your favorite comedy movie or tv show of all time? (Rhonda's response "Mine is Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn.”)

Oh my gosh! I love Private Benjamin! And Goldie Hawn (Overboard - genius!). I really thought about this question, and even though I want to pick one of the many amazing talented comedic women I have looked up to over the years, I’m gonna have to say Tommy Boy with Chris Farley. I loved him; he was huge for me as a teen with comedy. I was great at Farley impersonations back in the day...

 What other projects should we be watching for this year and even 2021?

Oooh, I just finished filming ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor,' which will be out on Netflix. I’m not really sure when the release date is. But it was so exhilarating working with Mike Flanagan. I’m such a fan.


 Do you ever get a day off? Whenever you have time to yourself what do you enjoy doing?

I love days off. It’s my favorite. I really love cooking, making soup right now! I go to yoga. Nature is my fav place to be, so lots of hikes (I mean I do live in British Columbia sooooo.... Pretty gorgeous). I have really fabulous friends, so lots of dinners and family time with them. I’m pretty low key, I really like meeting friends for happy hours, laughing lots and getting a good night’s sleep! That being said, what did I do on my last day off? Spent 5 hours browsing IKEA. 


What things do you enjoy doing outside of acting?

I’m a pretty artistic person, so I do things like write and paint. Creative things. I’m a real homebody and love working on my home, and cooking and creating recipes.”


 Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Honestly, I don’t know. I try to just be open and know and hope that things will work out. This business is so scary in its unreliability. You never know what’s gonna happen. Which is also exciting.,But I hope that I get to do a lot of comedy. That I get to be blessed with all the dramatic work. And that I continue to grow as an actor, and that I continue to be grateful. I know I have dreams, and I know they will come true. But I also know now not to put pressure on myself when that will happen. But that it will happen, if I just keep going.


  Do you believe in meditation before work? How do you stay grounded?

Well, I certainly believe in yoga. I have done it for many years. It helps me immensely as an actor with the breathwork. But because of the meditation aspect, when I’m doing it everything in my life is better, so yes I do believe in that. I really became dedicated to fitness about 2 years ago (I always would go off and on) and now it is a priority for me. And I do believe it’s the key to mental health. At least it is for me. As well, I have to be in nature. 

“The forest and the ocean.” I have to be near them regularly. It makes me feel connected to myself and to the earth.


 We love keeping up with you here at Ouch Magazine. Do you have any last words?

I love keeping up with you guys! Ummm... last words.... make sure you laugh today!

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