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Young Hollywood Actress Lily Anne Harrison

Young Hollywood Actress Lily Anne Harrison

Photographer :Anna  DeMarco


Ouch Magazine Readers would love to know more about your role in the new film THE VANISHED.

I play the role of “Janet," another mother in the RV park that worries she’s also lost her child. 


Where did you film this?

Outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We shot it in the winter. It was some of the most beautiful, colorful landscapes I’ve ever seen. The trees were this really glorious dark red, auburn color. 


 What's the hardest thing about being engaged to a vampire? 

Haha Hmmm. He never sleeps! No, really. 

He stays up later than I do. 



 What's your favorite film of all time?

This is a tricky one. I have so many. I think I have to go with “Forest Gump”. But “You’ve Got Mail” is a close second. 


 Where do you call home? Where would you love to visit that you never have?

Oregon is my home, and it’s certainly where my heart lies. I’ve never been to Greece, and I’m dying to go! 


  How were you at a homestay for the lockdown?

Peter and I are doing well in quarantine. I’ve been writing a script (nearly done, now) and he’s been working out a lot, and reading a lot of scripts. We’ve both been doing a lot of reading by our pool. 


Do you cook? If so, what's the best dish you can make?

I do most of the cooking around here. I love to make enchiladas. I think Peter would argue that my tacos and my guacamole are pretty bomb. 

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How do you stay fit? Any tips for the things that work for you?

I alternate workouts. I’ll do a yoga class one day, a HITT class the next day, cardio barre the day after, etc. It keeps it interesting! And I usually take a day off. I usually just meditate that day. 


We love to add a little fun to our interviews so ...below give me your first reaction word or words?


Black Lives Matter? 





Twilight Saga Movie?


Team Vampire, obviously.

Ice Cream? 

Cookie Dough.


Dogs or Cats? 

Both, please!


Clean face or Makeover? 

Clean face.


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Finally, what projects do you have set up for 2021 and where can fans follow you via social media?

Right now, while we are still in quarantine, I'm focusing on finishing writing two separate scripts I've been working on. Peter and I have a short film we crowdfunded called "Tangelos" that we'll be shooting ASAP in 2021, when it's safe to do so, with him directing and me starring alongside Nikki Reed.  Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to hopping back in front of the camera in 2021.

I'm on instagram and twitter. 


Here are my handles:

IG: lilyanneharrison

twitter: lilyaharrison