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Ashley Gerasimovich - The Detour Season 4

Ashley Gerasimovich - The Detour Season 4

Ashley Gerasimovich - The Detour Season 4_ouch magazine
Photographer : Michael Creagh

Stylist: Cara Gordon

Hair & MU: Eric Vosburg

Ouch Magazine Editor: Rhonda McKnight

Congrats on season 4 of The Detour! Each season the show films in a different location. Whereabouts were season 4 shot? Had you ever been there before?Thanks so much!  

We filmed Season 4 of The Detour in Vancouver, BC., which is so great!  We filmed there in Season 3 for one week, so I only saw a little bit of the city.  Being in Vancouver for 2 months, we filmed in the city and the mountains and all over the place, which was amazing!  I got to experience all of Vancouver.


Why do you think people love the show? What is it about the show you love?

I think fans love The Detour not only because it's such a funny show, but everyone can relate to the characters to some degree.  Everyone has got some craziness in their family!  I love working with all the talented cast and crew, and I also love working on a comedy, we laugh so much!


What exciting teasers can you give for the new season?

Well, at the end of Season 3, Delilah runs away.  Season 4 focuses on the search for Delilah and what she's been up to while she has been away.  Delilah has some really fun experiences while on the run!  There are lots of twists and turns for the whole Parker family, so make sure and tune in to see what happens!


Do you consider the cast family? In one word how would you describe each of your fellow Parker co-stars?

Yes, they are like my family away from my family!  We've worked together for 4 years and have grown close over that time.  One word to describe each of them, Liam is cool, Jason is (obviously) hilarious, and Natalie is amazing.


How do you prepare for your character, “Delilah” usually?

How I prepare for Delilah is I read over the new script, and I work with my acting coach to help get me into character.  I've been playing Delilah for so long, it's not hard for me to slip right into Delilah's state of mind. 


Are you and “Delilah” similar or different? How so?

I'd say Delilah and I are similar to how I act around my friends.  I would never get away with acting that way towards my parents!  We are both sarcastic and both think it's fun being weird!


Ashley Gerasimovich - The Detour Season 4_ouchmagazine_1

Outside of being an actress, what do you like to do for fun?

One thing I like to do for fun is cartooning, that's one of my favorite hobbies.  I also like to play the guitar.  I am a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and I'm working on getting my black belt.


What other projects are you involved in this year and 2020?

I'm taking the summer off to go on vacation with my family, so I'm looking forward to that!  I'm excited to see what other opportunities come my way, and I'll be sure to let you know!


How can people reach out to you on social media?  Will you be live on socials when new episodes air?


I do live Q&A's on my Instagram story, which is @AshleyGerasimovich, and I live-tweet every new episode (Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c) of 

The Detour on my Twitter @AshGerasimovich