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The Most Inspiring Story of Emmy DeOliveira's Rise to Stardom

The Most Inspiring Story of Emmy DeOliveira's Rise to Stardom

Photographer Denise DemarestYour character is so intense. How are you different or the same ?

Kate is awesome, she is always ready to get things done! I am a lot like Kate, we are both very stubborn and sometimes like to just jump into things without always thinking them through. I have a lot of energy like she does, and I don’t like asking for help. I have good ideas, but sometimes have trouble following through, because I can get easily distracted by a random thought and then I’m off in another direction.


How was it on set filming?

Filming the first season was pretty crazy. We filmed during Covid, so we had a lot of protocols to follow.  I was also in 9th grade, so when I wasn’t working, I was in school. I didn’t get much down time, but we had a great set teacher named Rachel who helped us get our work done and we all had a lot of fun together. We filmed the show in Vancouver, and it was really beautiful. I had always wanted to go, so that was really cool!


What's the best highlight memory of the show?

I think my best highlight memory of the show for me would be when I did my final scene with Ryan Hurst and we were with the Peregrine falcon, Black Jack. That was really cool, because falcons are one of my favorite animals. Another thing that was a great memory was having a Christmas party and exchanging gifts with the other kids. Rachel  had the production designers set up a tree in our schoolroom, since we could not go home to see our families, that was really special. We all became very close.


Disney + Rising Star Emmy DeOliveira of New Series "The Mysterious Benedict Society"_1



Will there be any spoilers for season 2?

I don’t have any spoilers for season 2, we are still waiting to hear if Disney is going to pick up another season. I think if we do shoot a second season, they might follow some to the source material from the next books in the series, just like season 1. I think they will also get creative with the adventure and add their own spin on the story. I do hope I get to work with the falcon again! This is all just really a guess; I’m waiting to find out like everyone else.



How fun was it to be this character for you and how did you prepare?

Playing Kate was really fun! I love her energy and I gotta do some really fun stunts. I am actually a lot like Kate, so I didn’t have to go too deep to find the character. By finding the things about us that are similar, I could focus on those qualities in my preparation.



What brings you joy in life?

Music and art bring joy to my life, I love drawing. I love my friends and family too.


What's your healthy life routine or beauty routine must haves?

I don’t have any specific routines, but I like to stay active. I have a lot of energy to burn. Lately, I’ve been doing parkour which is fun, and I like climbing trees and swinging on bars. On set, I would always go to the makeup trailer after I finished shooting for the day, and they would take off my makeup and put a warm towel on my face and then moisturizer-so my face was always super soft. When I’m not working, I don’t wear makeup, so that makes it easy.


Who's your celebrity crush or who do you hope to co star with in the future?

I don’t have any celebrity crushes, I also don’t have anyone in particular I’d like to work with acting wise, but one day I would love to work as a storyboard artist on an animated tv show.


Any other projects we should look at for in 2022?

I don’t have any other projects in the works for 2022 at the moment. When I got back from Vancouver, I mostly focused on school and enjoying my summer break. I am hoping to be back on set for another season of The Mysterious Benedict Society.


How can fan caught your attention via social media?

I think the best way to catch my attention on social media is commenting on a post or, making edits or fanart. It’s been really fun seeing all of the amazing art people have been making for TMBS.