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GenX issue : Aubrey Miller x Ouch Magazine

GenX issue : Aubrey Miller x Ouch Magazine

Photographer Bradford Rogne

GenX issue : Aubrey Miller x Ouch Magazine_1

How long have you been an artist? Do you write your own songs?

I've loved singing and dancing since I was 3 years old. I released my first music video cover at age 12 to the song 'Miss Movin On' by Fifth Harmony. I wrote and released my first song 'Dancing With My Girls' at age 14, and currently, have written and released my newest song 'Crossing My Heart' followed by a music video that you can watch on my YouTube channel. On my show 'Just Add Magic' the writers even incorporated my love for singing and dancing into my character. 


What is your song Crossing My Heart all about?

My new single 'Crossing My Heart' is based on a series of real events with a guy I keep crossing paths with, but we never get to quite meet. The story carries on through upcoming songs I'm working on. ‘Crossing My Heart’ is just the first chapter.


What do you consider your style of music?

I consider my style of music being 'pop' with a flair of 'Kpop.' I have a love and respect for 'Kpop' music and thought it would be fun to add a little Korean language into my single 'Crossing My Heart.'


What brands or singers inspire you?

BTS inspires me with their vocals, style of dance, fashion, and most of all their voices to spread love and kindness throughout the world. I respect and admire the fact that they always stay true to who they are. Blackpink also inspires me with their fierce style, dance, and music. Plus, they’re queens!


What person would you love to collaborate with on a song or project?

BTS would be my dream collaboration, as well as Black Pink, Hailee Steinfeld, Zedd or Lauren Daigle.

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