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One to Watch Locke & Key Star Actress Hallea Jones

One to Watch Locke & Key Star Actress Hallea Jones

Photography  Nick Merzetti

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Actress Hallea Jones reprises her role as Queen Bee Eden Hawkins in the second season of the hit Netflix series Locke & Key”

Had you read the book before the series launched? What's your character role like in the series? 

I did! I ordered them as soon as I got the role and read them so fast! They’re so good and incredibly beautiful (even though they’re quite gory!). Unfortunately Eden isn’t a character in the books but I consider her a mix between Jordan and Kim. It’s kind of nice that she wasn’t a character though because it allowed me to play around with the character in my own way, instead of feeling trapped in a previously beloved character from the books. 

Are you a horror movie buff or what is your favorite choice of movie? What's your all time favorite holiday movie? 

I. Hate. Horror. My imagination is far too vivid for horror and any time I even catch a glimpse of horror, I have nightmares or think that every creaking sound in my house is something out to get me! Which is kind of ironic that my first big job is a scary show… My all time favorite holiday movie is The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black Or Elf, I’m a sucker for a funny classic. 

Where did you film the series? 

Toronto! My hometown! And the surrounding areas. We filmed a lot on a studio set but it was fun to drive out to the suburban areas of Ontario to film some of the forest scenes. Ontario is incredibly beautiful and because the show is supposed to be set in Massachusetts, it’s the perfect place to film. 

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What do you feel is the reason people love the show so much?

It’s whimsical and fantastical and plays on the deep parts of our desires. Like who wouldn’t want a magical key that could take you anywhere in the world? 

There’s so much about this show that makes it relatable but also extraordinary, which I think when it comes to watching television, people want to disassociate from their realities and explore other worldly concepts; which I think Locke&Key does well! 


What is it like on the set of " Locke & Key"? Do you have any hints for the upcoming season? 

It was the best time of my life working on the set of Locke & Key. The cast and crew were such a pleasure to work with, and I became fast friends with many of them. Every day was a new adventure or challenge and I thrive in those kinds of situations, so I was truly the happiest when on set. I can’t give out any hints for the upcoming season, only that it’s going to be full of magic.

Do you have any projects we should watch out for in 2022? 

I have a few music projects in the works that I’m hoping to release in late 2021/early 2022… but music is a funny thing.. I’ve been sitting on a lot of these songs for a long time but I feel like I’m ready for them to come out. It’s time. So that’s something people can look out for in the new year from me. Just keep tabs on my Instagram and you’ll be updated on what’s coming! 

What keeps you humble and what inspires you? 

My friends. They’re my anchor for everything. They inspire me endlessly and make me want to do better and be better every day. There’s a lot going on with my career right now and it’s easy to get caught up in all of it, but they help me stay grounded, all while still celebrating along with me! 

What's your own personal style like? What's your beauty routine? 

My style isn’t too far from Edens, it’s just a little less girly. I like more edgy looks, and I’ve noticed I’m leaning to the baggy cargo pants style with a punk flair lately, but I still like to dress with the lighter girly looks sometimes. My beauty routine consists of Youth To The People cleanser, YTTP Goji oil, YTTP moisturizer, and Fenty sunscreen. Yup I like YTTP ahaha they’re a great brand with great values and they work so well for my skin. They won’t work for everyone but they’re my holy grail. 

How can fans follow and support you via social media?

I’m on Instagram and Twitter @halleajones and I just got a new Cameo account where you can find me with the same handle @halleajones ! Also, SoundCloud, same handle! Come say hi!