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Savannah Chrisley x Ouch Magazine

Savannah Chrisley x Ouch Magazine



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To be honest, I don't think I have adjusted to a "reality TV lifestyle"...I have tried to keep my life just as it was before the show came along. It has been difficult, but I don't want let all of this change me and my life. If it's done anything it's made me more aware and thankful for friends and family.

Are you currently dating? If not who's your celebrity cash and why?

My dad is Todd Chrisley so I am NOT currently dating. But you know, if Scott Eastwood were interested I wouldn't send the call to voicemail... CKB is a really funny show do you have any free time?  

I do have some free time when we are not filming, but honestly...filming is fun because it's all us!!

 Name 5 of your most memorable moments with your family?

There has never been a Christmas that I haven't remembered! My mom and I LOVE the holidays and decorating together so that's a time I'll never forget! A HUGE moment for my family was when my mother was declared cancer-free after battling breast cancer. Realizing that Todd Chrisley will always be watching over me "literally watching over me". And the most memorable moment for me was when THE MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in the world was added to our family! Chloe has truly been a gift from God...I never knew that I could learn so much for a baby but she has taught me more than I can put into words.

 We notice you have a new look. What were the inspirations for your new haircut?

Recently I have truly been coming into myself and the new to be a huge step for me. I just felt like I needed an edgier more mature look! So that's when I decided to go against everything my dad has told me! Lol

 Do blondes have more fun? Who's your favorite blond inspiration?

Oh, blondes have so much more fun! Haha. Blake Lively is the perfect person in the world so I like to imagine that I'm here!

Would you ever dye your hair another color if so what?

Ehhh...I think I'll leave the hair dying to Kylie Jenner...she has set such high expectations that I honestly just can't live up too! Haha

8. What styles and fashion designers are you currently wearing in your wardrobe?

My current GO TO is All Saints! I'm in this edgy phase and all of their stuff is just fabulous!!

9. What style is really not for you?

Anything that's too revealing. I feel like, leave it to the imagination, let the mind do its thing.

10. What kind of relationship do you have with your brother?

What does family mean to you? My brother and I have always been best friends and that's what we'll continue to be throughout life. No matter where God takes us we'll always find our way back to each other. And family is everything for matter what happens we're ALWAYS there for one another. I mean I could be the wealthiest person in the world but if I didn't have my family then I'm really not wealthy...I can't live without them.

 What are future goals outside of what you currently do you interested in?

Everything has changed in the past year! I absolutely LOVE music!! So, therefore, I am going to school and want to become a big-time manager or agent! While working towards that goal I am also working towards furthering my name and working on new business ventures!

 What could we look out for the end of this year and next, any cool projects you care to mention?

I'm working on several projects that we are so excited about so stay tuned! It's going to be a lot of fun and something I hope will bring so many people so much happiness.

 How can fans reach out to you?

I am OBSESSED with Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope! I'm constantly in all 3 forms of social media because I love interacting with my fans and forming some form of friendship with ALL of them! Instagram: @SavannahChrisley