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Youth Culture

Sloane Siegel exclusive with Ouch Magazine GenX issue

Sloane Siegel exclusive with Ouch Magazine GenX issue

Photographer: Benjo Arwas


Sloane Siegel exclusive with Ouch Magazine GenX issue_1


How did you find out about this amazing new series?


Funny story about that, I was actually dating someone at the time who was going out for the role of Gretta. She mentioned to me how cool the script was and how similar I was to the character, so I read it over. After I read it, I had one of those rare moments you have in life where you know something is going to change your world. It was the kind of script I had always dreamed of being a part of. Wizards, witches, swords, dragons, creatures, and characters of folklore alike. All of it is written with a very quirky, intelligent, and quick sense of humor while also maintaining a serious tone at times by keeping things based on magical realism. To me, it was the perfect nerdy masterpiece playing dungeons and dragons and watching Monty Python had prepared me for. So I sent the script to my agents, got the audition, booked the job, and now we have 20 amazing episodes to share with the world. 


Best describe your character and how is he different from you?


Dwight is a model citizen; the kind of person everyone would like to have as a part of their life. He’s a giver, someone who would go to the ends of the earth to help anyone in need, regardless of if you know him or not. He’s had a hard time growing up without parents (Though he was raised by his Nana), but that has only furthered his need to nurture those around him. My favorite thing about playing such a complex and upbeat character is that even in the most absurd or stressful situations he still maintains humor about the situation and can keep a level head amongst the hysteria that a dragon or a mob of bandits could cause. He’s always looking for a peaceful resolution in which everyone can walk away victorious. As far as how we differ, I think our outlooks on life are very similar and our approach to conflict is the same, but the thing that separates us are our life experiences. What I mean is we have similar personalities, but we are different people who have had very different lives up until Gretta and Baldric made themselves a pivotal part of who we are. 


How did you prepare for this role?


I feel like I’ve been preparing my whole life for this role because of my upbringing. My mom and dad raised me on Monty Python, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, Madeline Kahn, and many other older comedic geniuses and groups. I’ve studied their individual approaches to comedy all my life and I hope to somewhat emulate their timing, joke execution, and presence while also creating my own original point of view and voice for comedy. 


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I have to say I am excited to watch the first episode. What was the best moment of filming so far?


It’s impossible to pick a “Best” moment. There are countless moments on an offset that we still laugh and reminisce about today. The reason so many favorite moments are made is due to the absurdity of some of our episodes. You really never know what’s going to happen the next day and we often found ourselves saying things like: “I’m sorry what?” and then we all laugh off the confusion. For example, we’ve done everything from playing an intense game of Pictionary and charades with silent monks who wear invincible robes to all three of us getting possessed by fairies. Though one of the best moments for me personally was during the filming of the episode “Lotions and Potions.” We had already filmed five or six episodes, all the while our construction crew was in the middle of building the buried castle sets. It was finally time for a big scene in the castle and when I arrived to set I was in awe. It was so detailed and large I could get lost in it. I was overwhelmed with emotion because at that moment I realized that we were making a TV show. Sounds a bit silly since we’d been filming a while, but I tend to get very lost in my work and I don’t take enough time to appreciate the amazing sets I get to work on and the wondrous experiences I get to have. My inner child was shrieking with delight at how cool it all was and I just started sobbing with joy. That was certainly one of the most magical moments for me


What is your everyday inspiration to live your best life?

I’m someone who has faced many tragedies and trials in my life that have made me appreciate the good things all the more. I’m not saying I’ve experienced any better or worse than the person to my left or right. I’m just saying everyone experiences hardship with friends, family, health, career, identity, and so much more. I always say you can’t know true happiness unless you’ve experienced true sadness, or known what victory means if you haven’t experienced defeat. There is a very vibrant contrast to life’s experiences and through mine, I’ve learned to always see the glass half full; to see the beauty in the simple things and see the masterful intricacies in the complex. I am thankful for every breath I take, every person I meet, every smile I receive and every life I change. As someone who deals with severe anxiety, I know it is very easy to give in and not live your best life, but I look at all the people around me, all the people I love, all the people I know and all I have yet to meet and I think: Wow what a wonderful world this is with so much to explore and even though throughout life we will always face struggle; I want to spread nothing but joy and to inspire those around me to do the same. THAT Inspires me to live my best life. 

Hopefully, I’ll be starring in some dramatic, thrilling new series on whatever platform TV transitions to by then working alongside actors I’ve admired my whole life and friends I’ve made along the way. And maybe by then, I hope to have a geeky and dramatic enough resume to appear as the headliner of cons all around.


How can fans reach out to you?

They can reach out to me on all platforms of social media. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.) “@SloaneSiegel” Also, if you ever see me in public, never hesitate to say hello.


Are you active on social media? Do you love it or not so much?

Mostly Instagram (@sloanesiegel), I like that platform the most. I’m a big fan of social media as far as how it connects the world and gives a voice too many. But, I don’t love how it can back you into a corner of what you can post. Take twitter for example, if you mostly tweet things that are meaningful and inspirational you tend to attract that audience, but then if you want to tweet something wacky and comedic, your audience might be frustrated because that’s not what they followed you to see. So it can be a bit of a chore being careful with the brand you create for yourself.



What was the first movie or TV show you saw that made you feel like you’d love to be an actor?


When I was maybe 3 years old the very first scene in a film or show I ever remember watching was Darth Vader’s introduction in the opening scene of A New Hope. The very next vivid memory I have watching a movie was Gollum’s plummet into mount doom, the ring of power in hand. I used to play pretend with my action figures, thinking I was a Jedi Master or a Ranger of Gondor every day. Before I was an actor, (I started acting when I was 8) I was still acting out different scenarios set in my favorite lore-rich worlds. Then, when the opportunity came for me to be an actor I jumped at the idea that I could make all of those dreams and more come true.


Do you have any hidden skill that fans would be surprised to know?


I can accurately do the accent and dialect of most places around the world and have fooled people from New Zealand, different regions of England, Scotland, Ireland, and so on.


What other projects are you currently working on that fans can support? 


Even though it’s years done, “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street” is always available for streaming on Amazon Prime. As far as current projects I have a feature film I did with Elise Eberle called “ALT” that should release this year, about a kid that can travel between parallel dimensions. 


Who’s your celebrity crush?


Ruby Rose. Nuff said.


What is your ideal role in Hollywood besides acting? And why?

Writing. Acting will always be my main passion and focus, but I am an avid writer. Caitlin Carmichael (Princess Gretta in “Dwight in Shining Armor”) and I actually outlined an episode together for the show and we each got a story credit for it. Hopefully, we can write full episodes in the future someday if we return for a season 2. But, I have so many stories I would love to write and share with the world.


Do you have any last words or comments?

Hey you. Yeah, you reading this.

 Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, my career, and my show. Hopefully, I’ve brought some joy to the little voice in your head reading this and I hope you enjoy the show when the first episode premiers in March!