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How was it to work on the Raven’s  Home Tv show? Are you familiar with “That's so Raven?

Working on Raven’s Home was incredible. I had so much fun on set and offset as well. The cast members were nice, Raven especially she’s a cool person. Yes, I am familiar with That’s so Raven, it wasn’t around in my era but I used to watch reruns of the show.




How long had you been a model before becoming an actress?

I started Modeling at the age of 7 in Miami my hometown. I was doing print ads for companies. Some of the most notable being Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avis Budget, Miami Art Cultural Center, Old Navy, Living Mural, Target, etc



What do you love the most about being an actor or a model?

What I love the most about being an actor is that I get to play a new character each time which teaches me about putting on different characteristic traits. One minute I’m bubbly on screen, the next I’m serious, then I could be sad. The whole thing overall



  How was it to walk the runway at fashion week? How did you prepare?

I always prepare mentally and physically by getting a good rest the day before and also not thinking about how huge the audience might be, and not tripping on my dress. The little details.



 Your social media is so entertaining. How many posts do you do a day? How do you decide what outfits to post as well?


Well, I’m usually very busy from events I get invited to, projects I’m working on, also a lot of companies reach out to my team for sponsored posts / for collaborations. So the maximum I post a day is 2 or 3 and the outfits are usually decided by which product I’m advertising for or which event I’m attending on that day or a simple mood I’m in


Do you have a glam squad or do you do your makeup yourself?

I enjoy doing my make up however for certain events I like to get my glam squad to prep me up for the soiree.



What are your goals for acting longterm?

I want to be a successful full time working actress and I know someday by the grace of God along with my determination and the devotement of my parents and my manager. It will happen



What your favorite color? What’s your least favorite color?

My favorite colors are blue, pink, red and white. My least would have to be dark brown.

How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style is outside of the box. Whenever I go somewhere I make sure what I wear is breathtaking and like no other.


Do you have any favorite designers?

Great question! As a fashionista, I love me some great pieces of clothes ...& It could be from any talented designers but if I have to choose a favorite one  it has to be Emilio Pucci cause I am in love with Vintage


Do you make your own clothes?

I do design clothes with my sister we have a book already filled with drawing outfits for our collection later on ...However, most of the clothes I’m wearing their are gifts from some awesome talented designers also I purchased clothes randomly and add my flair to it like some type of DIY stuff


Who would you love to work within the future?

They are so many great people in this industry I would love to work with: Viola Davis, Taraji P Henson, Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Vin Diesel, Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Michael B Jordan, Lupita, etc


Can you let fans know what projects do you have lined up for 2019-2020?

I’m super excited about what’s coming up. I have a web series coming soon called “ Soci Circle “ which I played the role of Kendra ...I will also be featured on Brat soon and I am actively attending auditions. 




Also, I want to say to the lovely readers thank you for reading for those of you who are not riding with me yet please follow my journey ...

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