Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is reportedly making 50,000 to play video games

Top video game streamers like TylerNinjaBlevins can make more than $50,000 per hour playing newly-released games .


Several sources in the space confirmed the $50,000 figure to Kotaku, but also said $50,000 was far from the highest hourly offer they’d seen. Omeed Dariani, who’s CEO of Online Performers Group, a business management organization for digital stars, told Kotaku he’d seen offers “well over” $50,000 — including some for six and even seven figures. One publisher, he said, offered a client of his $120,000 to stream for two hours. When the client declined, the publisher came back with a “blank check” and told them to name their price.


We’ve known for a while that influential streamers like Blevins (who is the most-followed creator on Twitch with 14.2 million fans) can make big bucks. Like, seriously big bucks: in January, Blevins said he made nearly $10 million last year. And he’s not alone in earning that much — a current legal beef between Tfue (who has 6 million Twitch followers) and his gaming group FaZe Clan led fellow member FaZe Banks to claim Tfue makes “millions and millions” every month.

As we laid out in our story about Twitch earnings last year, streamers earn income from several sources — and, depending on how wide their reach is, a big chunk of it can come from sponsorships. Streamer JeremyDisguisedToastWang (840,000 followers) has previously said that game publishers are willing to pay streamers anywhere from one cent to $1 per hour, per viewer.

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