Icons Issue Apollonia Kotero X Ouch Magazine - OUCH MAGAZINE

Icons Issue Apollonia Kotero X Ouch Magazine

  Kotero also took over Vanity's group and renamed it Apollonia 6 before enjoying success with the group's single Sex Shooter. Vanity, whose real name was Denise Katrina Matthews, passed away in February 2016 due to kidney failure. In a statement, Kotero said at the time: "She was a pioneer and a strong woman.    

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One to Watch. Katherine Castro-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

One to Watch Katherine Castro

  How long have you been an actress? Have you always wanted to be an actor? I've been an actor for about 20 years. The acting wasn't my first desire. It came to me through dancing and performing on stage. When my dance teacher played "Singing in the Rain", "Easter Parade," and other film classics for me, as inspiration for a dance routine, I discovered...

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Actress Fernanda Romero-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Actress Fernanda Romero

Inhouse Ouch Magazine Production NYC Talent :  Actress/ Singer Fernanda Romero Photogarpher: Steven Menendez Interview & Styled by Rhonda McKnight Hair/Make Artist : Jen Navaro   Fernanda Romero is a Mexican actress, model and singer. She is most noted for her starring role in the Mexican telenovela Eternamente tuya and her supporting role in the American film The Eye. Fernanda Romero ! Magazine sneak peek...

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