Whats new in music an exclusive with CHEWII - OUCH MAGAZINE

Whats new in music an exclusive with CHEWII

How long have you been interested in music?  I grew up in a musical household so I was always getting sonic stimulation from my parents and the music they played. I remember watching Whitney Houston perform for the first time and feeling overwhelmed by emotion and truly falling in love with the art of music and specifically, singing.   At what age did you become aware...

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Music Artist Nella Cole featured in Ouch Magazine Dec 2018-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Music Artist Nella Cole

Photography:Hana Haley interview @ouchmagazineny / Rhonda McKnight 1. How long have you been a recording artist? Who discovered you?    I started recording the summer after I graduated high school. Fun fact: I didn’t even apply to any colleges because I was set on a performing career! The first place I ever recorded original music was at CBS studios. I submitted to a casting call...

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Singer Symon x Ouch Magazine she a Hot one-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Singer Symon x Ouch Magazine She a Hot one!

Photographer: Alex Loucas.  Hair: Hailey Adickes     Makeup: Ashley Donovan 1. How would you describe your style and your voice? I grew up being trained in theatre, classical, opera, and pop music. Everything influenced me to make me the artist I am today. I would say my style and voice is just me 2. Who inspires you right now that is already out there? Madonna, Rihanna,...

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