Vancouver Sleep Clinic released his debut project to critical acclaim in 2014 when he was just seventeen years-old. Now--following years of major label purgatory and a concerted effort on Bettinson’s part to reclaim his music for himself--Vancouver Sleep Clinic will release its transcendent sophomore album, Onwards to Zion. Written during a period of isolation in Bali with his friends in the fall of 2018, this record will be out on October 18. In a purposeful departure from his forays into electronically driven song construction, Bettinson wrote much of the album on a $100 nylon guitar bought at one of Bali’s only music stores. “I’d started getting used to making three-and-half-minute songs with a beat and a hook—but the thing is that I don’t really come from making beats,” he says. “I used to busk: that’s where I came from. The whole direction of this album changed for me once I realized I wanted to put the focus back on guitar again.”


Despite the relative simplicity of its origins, Onwards to Zion bears a distinctly collagic sonic palette, encompassing everything from ethereal atmospherics to psychedelic synth tones to hazy samples of ’60s jazz-pop records. Not only a return to the self-reliance of Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s early material, Onwards to Zion also marks a deliberate tonal shift from his multi-part project Therapy 1 and Therapy 2 in 2018 “The Therapy songs mostly came from a place of frustration—just me complaining about the situation I was in back then,” says Bettinson. “When I sat down to think about the new album, I realized I don’t want my discography to reflect bitterness: I want to put something positive into the world. So even though it’s got some darkness, and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times, the album is very much coming from a place of love. I’d love for it to leave people feeling re-energized, and ready to just keep pressing on in their own lives.”



Tour Dates:

11/11 - Berlin, Germany - silent green Kulturquartier

11/12 - Köln, Germany - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

11/14 - Hamburg, Germany - Nochtspeicher

11/15 - København V, Denmark - VEGA

11/19 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee Live Club & Pub

11/22 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg

11/25 - London, United Kingdom - The Garage

11/26 - Paris, France - Petit Bain

12/1 - Toronto - Velvet Underground

12/3 - New York - Bowery Ballroom

12/5 - Chicago - Sleeping Village

12/8 - Seattle - Barboza

12/9 - Vancouver BC - Biltmore