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The Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 podcast and photos

Host conversation with Ouch! Podcastor #JamessonMarshall and Rhonda Ouch! Mag Editor                   Winterfell awaits the Army of the Dead: Jon and Daenerys fly the dragons to a hill overlooking the battlefield; Sansa and Arya keep watch from the battlements; Theon and his Ironborn take Bran to the Godswood; on horseback, Jorah leads the Dothraki horde, the first line of defense. A lone rider approaches — Melisandre. Taking hold of a Dothraki arakh, she sets the horde’s weapons ablaze, and continues on to the castle. Davos is conflicted by her presence, but she assures him there is no need to execute her, as she will be “dead before the dawn.” Horns blast, and...

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