Some new  Cannabis Products you'd like to try

Some new Cannabis Products you'd like to try

An upgrade of that writer-room favorite, LaCroix, Sprig citrus-flavored soda — powered with 45 mg of THC cannabis oil for mellow inspiration — is $5 per can; check drinksprig.com (as with all sites here) for availability.


For fresh breath and more, Petra sugar-free mints in Moroccan mint or eucalyptus contain 2.5 mg of THC per mint for an extra boost of focused energy; $20 to $22 at all MedMen retail locations in Los Angeles




Better than a Xanax, Lord Jones' old-fashioned gumdrops in citrus and berry flavors contain 20 mg of CBD per piece — precisely dosed to avoid edibles’ "I don’t feel anything yet" regret; $45 for a box of nine at lordjones.com


Happy hour just got a bit happier with Monk Drinking Botanicals, which are infused with 10 mg CBD each and make perfect cocktail mixers, in ginger-maple shrub, grapefruit-cayenne and more; $7 at monkprovisions.com


Snack-table surprise! Nobody will know these rich Defonce Chocolatier bars are infused with 90 mg THC (insert pot-comedy logline here), but perhaps save these for the private office afterparty; $20 to $25 at defonce.com



Whether bracing for bad news or getting to know a new partner, small talk is no biggie over a Peach-Ginger Matcha Tea with 12 mg of CBD or a Blueberry-Mint Cold Brew with 10 mg ($8.50) at Alfred Tea and Coffees.