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Actress Tia Carrere- Print on Demand

$ 19.99

Tia Carrere  American actress, singer, and former model . Fashion + Entertainment Magazine presents a new range of printed magazines with an innovative concept our Ouch! Magazine® Print on Demand- Tia Carrere. This is a unique series, with a fresh and refreshing print edition.



Photographer: Kyrani Kanavaros

Styling: Cheyenne Hoffman

Grooming: Nadia Hoecklin

Photography: Ian Lanterman

Styling: Cheyenne Hoffman

Grooming: Katie Elwood

Photographer: Noah Asanias

 Hair/Makeup: Min-Jee Mowat 

 Styling: Hiba Al-Qishawi

 Photographer: Antoine Verglas

 Makeup: Viktorija Bowers 

 Hair:Cameron Rains