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7 Expert Tips for Refreshing Curly Hair Between Washes

7 Expert Tips for Refreshing Curly Hair Between Washes

7 Expert Tips for Refreshing Curly Hair Between Washes

If you’ve got curly hair, you already know you need to limit your weekly washes. The experts say that two or three washes per week is plenty for curly-haired queens. Too much washing and your spirals will be devoid of the natural oil that makes them so gorgeous. But what happens when they begin to look dull after a day or two? There are a few things you can do to bring them back to life without the need to hop in the shower. Here are a few expert tips for refreshing curly hair between washes and which products to keep or skip.

Know How Often to Refresh

— The key is to know what works best for your hair. This may mean waiting two, three or four days before you shampoo your hair again. Keep in mind that there are so many different factors that can affect how often you need to refresh. It could be the changing weather, your workout routine or even the hair styling products you use. Just listen to your hair and know that it has its own unique caretaking routine. Sometimes that means the routine needs to be switched up from time to time.

Skip Shampoo

— You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day. Taking a break between washes will ensure that your scalp maintains its natural oil levels, thereby promoting healthy growth. Try a dry refresh instead with watery lotions. Directly applying a little bit of leave-in conditioner or curl cream gives better results. The best part is that you don’t have to spend additional time drying your hair.

Use a Silk Pillowcase or Satin Bonnet

— It’s vital to protect your curls when you go to bed or take a nap. Simply tie your hair into a loose bun and wrap it with a satin bonnet. Opt for a silk pillowcase to prevent tangles and frizz. Both the silk pillowcase and satin bonnet work well for short to medium curly hair. As for longer lengths, consider a silk scarf option. Stay away from cotton pillowcases because the material is tough on the hair cuticles and can cause breakage.

Try an Aerosol Spray

— Aerosol sprays are made for reviving your natural curls and wavy hair. These contain light moisturizing ingredients to smooth down your frizz faster. The best part is that they’re light enough to not weigh down your hair, which is great news for those of us with thicker hair! If you’re more hands-on and prefer a DIY mix, you can make your own by mixing one part curl cream or leave-in conditioner with three parts water. Mix these well and shake them up in a bottle. Try adding a drop of gentle essential oil to add a nice smell to the mix that will keep your hair shiny.


Style in the Shower

— Believe it or not, you can be quite efficient when it comes to styling your curls. Just put your products in the shower and start styling after you rinse your conditioner out. In addition to the water coming down from your showerhead, you can use a mister or a continuous spray bottle before applying additional products. If you do get other products to refresh your curly hair, make sure you’re buying professional hair care products that are tailored to your hair type.

Get Steamy

— If you live in a warmer climate or have seen what the summer months can do to your hair, don’t fret. The right kind of heat, like steam, can be a good thing. There are several benefits to using steam therapy for curly hair. Besides opening up the pores in your face, it will open up any clogged pores in your scalp. This helps increase the blood flow and collagen production in the scalp, leading to naturally shiny hair. Steam treatments also improve elasticity so the curls can stretch without snapping. The steam helps lock in long-lasting moisture, making it easier for other products to be absorbed into your gorgeous hair and maintain its supple strands.

Apply Products

— The right kinds of hair products will keep your curly hair looking fresh and well-kept. However, using the wrong type of products or too much of them can lead to limp hair. Nothing in excess is a good thing. After applying products the next day and a few days after, be sure to use a spray bottle filled with water to refresh your hair. Spray generously over any frizzy sections. Flip your hair over and gently rub any water into your scalp and fluff the crown of your hair. Change it up by parting your hair to the other side. That’s the secret to a little more volume on the crown.

While you still may end up applying products to keep your hair bouncy and healthy, just keep these tricks in mind. Everyone’s hair is beautiful and unique, so don’t feel like it’s a competition to keep your hair looking fresher or bouncier than that beauty blogger you follow. At the same time, know you’re not alone in your hair journey — not when about 65% of the U.S. population has wavy, coily or curly hair and more and more women every day are embracing their natural textured hair. Your hair has a story to tell, and that story is part of a book of other curly-, coily- and wavy-haired women. With these tips, tricks and products, you’ll be able to easily keep your natural curls looking lovely and fresh, even between washes.

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