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Music Artist Rayla covers Ouch Magazine GenX issue

Photographer :Robbie Joseph Interview @ouchmagazineny exclusive     How would you describe your sound?  My sound is definitely more POP. It took me a while to really find my sound and feel like this is really me. At the same time, I hate to define my sound and put it in a box. I’d rather my listeners just enjoy my music and they can define it how they hear it.   How long have you been a singer? My mom says I was born singing! Growing up there was always music playing in our house. So I was always singing and performing around the house. I did the local town performances and talent show and eventually started doing performances around...

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Singer Judith Hill covers Ouch Magazine

I kinda love your new work! I am a real fan of Prince and I hear a lot of his sound influence in a few songs.   What inspired you  for this new album? Well, the overall theme of the album is about rebirth.  Coming out of extreme loss and sorrow, I wrote songs about the power of love and how it can heal your deepest wounds.  A lot of the music is aggressive and the funk is heavy because it best expresses my fight into the promise land.  Life is hardly a yellow brick road.  Its more like rocks and thorns where your feet get cut.  But that is what makes you a warrior and a queen.    I forgot...

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