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S4 Review Codes: Co-Op Puzzler Melbits World Launching on February 5th

Co-Op Puzzler Melbits World Comes to Life February 5th The exclusive PlayStation 4 title will test your teamwork skills along with those of your family and friends! The beings responsible for keeping the good vibes on the Internet. Melbits are cheerful creatures that live inside everything that is connected: phones, tablets, PC´s, consoles. Melbits' mission is to keep the Internet’s good vibes so it can keep on working. Melbits neutralize the evil viruses that cause everything digital to malfunction. Since the Internet needs more Melbits than ever, it’s the players' duty to grow the small community that lives inside their PS4! The most accessible fun - turning your cell phone into a PS4 controller. Using the official PlayLink app for...

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