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When a young filmmaker sets out to understand the ’90s LGBTQ+ rom-com that saved his life, he is forced to confront complicated truths of his own, that will change who he is forever. ‘Chasing Chasing Amy’ is represented by CAA.    Visit for more details.  Directed by Sav Rodgers Produced by Alex Schmider, Carrie Radigan, Lela Meadow-Conner, Matthew C. Mills & Sav Rodgers Starring...

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Tik Tok sensation Kent Boyd in Ouch! Magazine - Ouch! Magazine

Tik Tok sensation Kent Boyd in Ouch! Magazine

Photographer: Casie Wendel @casiewndl  Grooming: Christine Hazelhurst @christine_pro_makeup Wardrobe: BurgerRock Media @burgerrockmedia What is a day like taping on-set  and  offset for ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ It was wild! There were so many rehearsals, camera blocking, wardrobe fittings, and getting notes from everyone. There was so much materialto learn in such a short time that it felt like the Olympics of dance! You had to stay...

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Actor Alexander Nunez  of Moonshine on CBC - Ouch! Magazine

Actor Alexander Nunez of Moonshine on CBC

Photographer: Farrah Aviva     What role do you play on Moonshine?  Tell us more about it and about the show Moonshine is a dramedy series about the Finley-Cullens, who each fight in their own way to become the sole owner of the Moonshine Lodge and Campground. Think "Succession", but with a family of inept but extremely lovable trailer park hicks with really bad ideas. I...

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