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Gen Z issue starring  Singer Indi Star

Gen Z issue starring Singer Indi Star

Ouch Magazine Gen Z issue starring  Singer Indi Star

Photographer : Jessica Spohr

Wardrobe Stylist: Jordan Gross

Hair Stylist: Richard Grant

Makeup Artist : Vanessa Yoma 

What does music and dance mean to you?

Music and dance mean everything to me. Normally, I'm actually extremely shy and bad at expressing my emotions, so my music helps me to get all that out into the world and allows me to express myself fully. 

What's your 3rd or 4th choice at a career if music and dance didn't exist?

I would love to be an artist! I love painting so much but I’m pretty bad at it hahaha. If I were good at painting, I would definitely love to be an artist. 


Who are you top 5 musicians you love right now? Who are your top 5 you just don't get?

My top 5 favorite artists are Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Delaney Bailey, Tate McRae and Clinton Kane. There aren’t any artists that I don’t get or understand. I love so many different genres of music and many different artists!

Ouch Magazine Gen Z issue starring  Singer Indi Star_2

What's your goals for 10 years from now? Let us in on your bucket list?

My biggest goal is to definitely make my first album and go on tour!! I haven’t really thought about any goals for 10 years though! I should start thinking about that. That’s almost as many years as I have been alive!

“My Family Inspires Me”

What inspires you in life?

My family inspires me. They help me focus on my goals! They truly believe in me and I am so grateful for them. My family is super close and really appreciate that because I know that they love me and have my back 100%!

Ouch Magazine Gen Z issue starring  Singer Indi Star_3

What's your beauty routine like?

I am obsessed with skincare and have never gone to sleep without washing my face. Every morning I use Cetaphil moisturizer and CocoKind sunscreen. Every night I use Cerave face wash, Cetaphil moisturizer, sometimes Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, then lastly vitamin E oil! What projects are you currently working on? 

‘Right now, I’m focusing the most on my music! I’m going into the studio almost every day writing and recording new songs! I already play the piano, but I bought my first acoustic guitar today and I am so excited to start playing!’

How can fans see you live? Any live shows in the future?

Hopefully very soon! I am writing a ton of new music right now and I just signed to the Paradigm music division in London, so I'm hoping to start doing some European shows very soon! Stay tuned on my social media to stay up to date!

What's your go to summer look?

My favorite go to summer look is a fun-colored flowy dress! 

How can fans following you via social media?

You guys can go check me out on all of my social media platforms! You can follow me on Instagram and TikTok @indistar, on Snapchat @indistarr and you can search me up on others such as YouTube by searching Indi Star. 

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