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Singer Judith Hill covers Ouch Magazine with her new album

Singer Judith Hill covers Ouch Magazine with her new album

I kinda love your new work! I am a real fan of Prince and I hear a lot of his sound influence in a few songs. 

Singer Judith Hill covers Ouch Magazine with her new album
 What inspired you for this new album?
Well, the overall theme of the album is about rebirth.  Coming out of extreme loss and sorrow, I wrote songs about the power of love and how it can heal your deepest wounds.  A lot of the music is aggressive and the funk is heavy because it best expresses my fight into the promised land.  Life is hardly a yellow brick road.  It's more like rocks and thorns where your feet get cut.  But that is what makes you a warrior and a queen.  
 I forgot to ask. Did you write the songs? If so which one is your favorite?
I wrote the songs.  It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really like Golden Child.  It is both whimsical and funky portraying a childlike innocence and earthy soulfulness.
3. How do you describe your career path at this point and where do you see it going?
 I'm excited to continue building stage plays, touring, making albums, and working in tv and film.  I have so many new projects coming down the pipeline and I'm excited to continue sharing with the world.  
 Would you ever get a YouTube show for your fans?
Yes, I have a few show ideas.  I will be doing more on youtube in 2019 so stay tuned.  
Would you ever do a mainstream reality tv show about your life?
Not at this present moment, but if it makes sense one day, I am open to the idea.  I am more focused on fiction.   I plan to share the Golden Child musical with a wider audience.  It is a funk/soul cirque ballet experience about a young child who helps her friends overcome dark forces as they understand the power of togetherness.  The December premiere went really well.  I'm really excited to continue with its development.   
When can we see you live?
I will be touring all throughout 2019.  Be sure to check out my dates on all my socials.    
When will the new projects be out to buy?
My Golden Child CDs will be available for purchase in January.  
Any last words?
I'm so thankful for 2018.  It has been an incredible journey traveling all over the world and sharing the magic on all of these stages.  I'm looking forward to the new year.  There's so much more to come!

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