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Unleashing the Incredible Vocals of Singer Haven Madison

Unleashing the Incredible Vocals of Singer Haven Madison

18 yr. old American Idol finalist, HAVEN MADISON, hailed “The Next Big Pop Star” by Katy Perry 

Photographer Robby Klein



Singer Haven Madison

Congrats on the release of your debut EP Turn Off All The Lights . Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song  Kiss The Ground?

Thank you so much! The inspiration for Kiss The Ground was the amount of work that I put in to be able to do what I do and have what I have. I know I can’t be everyone’s favorite artist, but I have decided I can be the hardest working, so this song is my anthem of diligence and perseverance. I hope that it makes listeners feel like a boss. 



How does it feel to have your debut EP  out in the world, especially after your journey on American Idol Season 21?

Oh my gosh, it is so rewarding. This EP is the beginning of my bloom. The authentic music that I’ve been waiting to unveil, and the arrow to the direction I’m going. I’m genuinely ecstatic that it is finally out. 


Your EP, Turn Off All The Lights is out now . What can fans expect from these tracks? 

I hope that listeners experience the journey that I embarked in the last year of my life. The EP is designed for you to feel every emotion I felt, which is empowered, hurt, in love, in rage, confused, sarcastic, and so much in between. 


Singer Haven Madison



What was it like collaborating with Dave Pittenger on  Sky Up and the rest your EP?

Dave has quickly become like family to me. The creative process was so much fun, and vocally Dave pushes me more than anyone. I felt myself break free and he played a huge role in that. 


Sky Up has been described as piano-driven. What draws you to this instrument in your music?

Piano is my first instrument, and it invokes so much emotion for me. I can find much more interesting inversions on piano than with my mediocre guitar playing haha. 


You've mentioned your original songs like Fifteen and Still Need You,,which you performed on "American Idol." How does Kiss The Ground fit into the narrative of your musical journey?

Kiss The Ground is the evolution of my music. I still hold the pen and steer the ship, but this vibe is the pop monster that has been waiting to be released. It’s very different, but I think it’s very accurate to my current time of life.


How do you stay grounded and true to yourself amidst the whirlwind of fame and success?

My amazing family and friends have gotten me through everything. The friends that never tried to discredit or

diminish what I was feeling, and the family that would go broke chasing this dream with me. I thank God for his grace and blessings in my life. 


Are there any particular moments from your time on "American Idol" that stand out as especially memorable or impactful for you?

I remember so much, but honestly just sharing the moment with Katy Perry at the end of our duet i felt so much hope and so much inspiration. I want to make her proud and that’s what I plan to do. 





What advice would you give to other young aspiring musicians who dream of following in your footsteps?

Be vulnerable, write what you feel and don’t apologize to anyone. Politeness kills the artist. 


Lastly, what's next for Haven Madison after the release of Turn Off  All The Lights Any upcoming projects or plans you can share with us?

I can’t say too much but it’s been a very chaotic process of never-ending writing. Now we find the best dressed pieces. 

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