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Young Hollywood Actress Kimmy Shields cover Ouch! Magazine

Young Hollywood Actress Kimmy Shields cover Ouch! Magazine



How long have you been an actress?

I started acting in community theater when I was six, and the love story never stopped.


  1. When did you first know this is what you wanted to be? Who inspires you?


I realized recently I never stopped to think of a Plan B. I knew that even for all its wild unknowns I’d still rather do this than anything else in the world. I am inspired by my family for the way they love others and serve them, as well as my friends who light up every room they walk into.


  1. How different is your own personality from your character Nonnie?

Not entirely different. I probably wouldn’t break as many laws for my friends because of my own cowardice, but I definitely try to be as loyal as Nonnie.


  1. How fun is it to play her?

The most fun I’ve ever had.


  1. What was a typical day like on set?

Lots of laughing, lots of snacking, and lots of learning.


  1. Do you feel the pressure to be provocative or revealing because of social media?

That’s a great question! I don’t think I do. I’ve never been an outspoken person when it comes to politics or other world events, but I do suddenly feel this underlying urge to be vocal because people think I’m more important than they did before. But at the end of the day, my job is to entertain people, and that’s what I want to do. I know what my beliefs are the way others do and prefer to keep those to myself.


  1. Do you enjoy live shows? If so, what was your last live show you attended?

I live my best life at live shows. It was Tune-Yards at the El Rey in Los Angeles with my brother and it was perfect.


  1. Who are you currently obsessed with in music?

I’ve been listening to Moses Sumney constantly because of how transportive his music is, and the rest of the time I’m cycling through playlist after playlist trying to taste everything.





  1. Describe your own personal style.

Eclectic. I love to dress for a mood and tell a complete story with my outfits, whether it’s your ‘90s-grunge-Tumblr-dream-girl or your ‘50s-dances-with-Fred-Astaire-floating-girl. Fashion is supposed to be fun and that’s what I love most about it.


  1. What else can we expect to see you in 2018-2019 outside of Insatiable?

You can catch small glimpses of me in the films Ad Astra and Charlie Says, both due out next year!


  1. How can fans reach you?

Instagram & Twitter: @kimmyshields

You can also reach me by mail, landline, or carrier pigeon.


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