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Exploring Steve Lacy's 2023 RESET Concert Series

Exploring Steve Lacy's 2023 RESET Concert Series



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watch clips of the show at OUCH MAGAZINE YOUTUBE

First impressions of the Forest Hills Stratum , this is a well run place with friendly and helpful security and onsite workers. This helps when it's 80 degrees and hot and you are tired and hungry. Yes this was a pleasant surprise but one downfall. The drinks are overpriced as you would expect. A can of beer was 12? Despite that I would say this is a great venue to watch a live show.

 The reset concert series was a 3 day event, We opted to only attend the Steve Lacy show which was on Sunday. The sound is very good at the venue. The artist did not disappoint. The show started off with artist FOUSHEE   visit her website here, a New Jersey native whose style is a mixture of rock and pop R&B.Each set lasts about one hour long with a 15 min break in between. The restrooms were conveniently arranged nearby and free waters were given out the entire show.

The 2nd act was with the artist TORO y Moi. This artist struck my heart because I am a huge fan of house music and his songs gave me what I wanted. The vibes were light and the songs were danceable. Exactly what I needed on a Sunday.

For more on this artist visit website here

The 3RD the fan favorite JAMES BLAKE is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. People went wild in the audience. He has an amazing voice . The see this artist live or buy the music visit here

The 4th act was the act I had been waiting on all day STEVE LACY. I don't know what he put in the air but all the women went wild screaming and yelling "I Love You Steve". He has a way with the stage such as a "Prince". He had the entire place singing along to various songs. They felt very enjoyable and I would recommend seeing all the artists live. The tour dates of this series are at  tour  dates for Steve Lacy.

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