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2nd Annual Dances With Films - NYC  announces films and events

2nd Annual Dances With Films - NYC announces films and events


Dances With Films announced the film lineup for the return of what has become LA’s largest purely indie film-focused film festival over the past 26 years to New York City (November 30-December 3) for the second time featuring a film lineup nearly three times the size of last year’s NYC debut. DWF alum Dylan K. Narang’s Tapawingo is the Opening Night selection, and Nicholas Gyeney’s psychological thriller The Activated Man will make its world premiere in the Closing Night slot


Director: Dylan K. Narang
Country: USA; Running Time: 109 min
An oddball becomes the bodyguard for a misfit teenager and finds himself in the crosshairs of the town's family of bullies.
The Activated Man                                                                World Premiere
Director: Nicholas Gyeney
Country: USA; Running Time: 115 min
As Ors Gabriel struggles with the grief from losing his best friend and beloved dog to cancer, the trauma brings on strange visions only Ors can see. While he questions whether his mind has fractured or if it's real, a mysterious rise in murder-suicides takes hold of the city, and Ors becomes haunted by images of a shadowy figure known as ‘The Fedora Man’. Through torments and terror, Ors must face his fears and confront 'The Fedora Man' as he uncovers dark secrets from his past, while finally embracing who he really is, and what he is meant to do.
Advanced Chemistry                                                   World Premiere
Director: Etana Jacobson
Country: USA; Running Time: 96 min
A scientist injects his lesbian best friend with a compound he's created to make her stop cheating on her wife (who is bi), but when the wife finds her new monogamous fixation suffocating, he injects the wife too, which backfires when she falls for him.
The Bastard Sons                                                                 World Premiere
Director: Kevin Interdonato
Country: USA; Running Time: 90 min
Life for a crew of organized criminals is disrupted when Vincent Damiano’s father, the family’s boss, is murdered. Vincent’s ‘bastard’ brothers (UFC legend Frank Edgar, Chicago Med star Malik Whitfield), a group of orphaned souls he raised together, have an idea of who killed their father…his partner Rome (TV/Film veteran Al Sapienza). In a valiant and calculated attempt to regain the business and enact vengeance on Rome over the course of one day, the Bastards wage an all-out war to get their pound of flesh.
Between The Lights                                                      World Premiere
Director: Michael Groom
Country: UK; Running Time: 104 min
When skeptical scientist Alice falls for reluctant medium Jay, she's taken on an odyssey of love, loss and discovery that will turn her world upside down. Between the Lights is a romantic drama with a liberal dose of the supernatural, in which we visit our characters over three consecutive Christmases. It is set within the ancient walls of York and the stunning natural beauty of the Lake District.
Bound                                                       World Premiere
Director: Isaac Hirotsu Woofter
Country: USA; Running Time: 101 min
To escape her drug-dealing controlling stepfather, a young introvert flees to NYC with only her pet pocket squirrel. After successfully reinventing herself, she realizes she must confront her dark past, to truly be free.
Can’t Seem to Make You Mine                          World Premiere
Directors: Sara Katarina Burke, Aaron Andrew Keene
Country: USA; Running Time: 102 min
A man who was just released from prison tries to make amends with his ex and become a father to his 6-year-old son while staying with a stripper he met on a pen-pal website.
Director: Alexander Yellen
Country: USA; Running Time: 104 min
Patrick (bitter wheelchair user) must enlist the help of his cantankerous neighbor (double amputee veteran) to transport the daughter he never knew he had to live with her maternal grandparents on the other side of the country. 
Director: Justin Chan
Country: USA; Running Time: 84 min
William Lee, a 30-something Chinese-Filipino American, introduces his Caucasian girlfriend to his overbearing, immigrant parents when a mysterious cosmic force takes hold of their day.
Home Free
Director: Aaron Brown
Country: USA; Running Time: 98 min
In 1997, a group of college misfits invite an unhoused professor to crash on their porch.
Home Free is a Trojan horse, a bold coming-of-age comedy aimed at reaching a mass audience, but also intended to be a catalyst for serious social change sharply focused on one of the most pervasive problems across America—the homelessness epidemic. Humor is our spoonful of sugar. 
Influence                                                                                World Premiere
Director: Ryan Moore
Country: USA; Running Time: 83 min
A female filmmaker struggling with her career and her mental health reaches a breaking point and decides to kidnap a famous social media influencer in an attempt to coerce them into playing the lead role in her latest project.
Katie’s Mom
Director: Tyrrell Shaffner
Country: USA; Running Time: 111 min
A heartfelt comedy influenced by The Graduate but told from the perspective of a protagonist inspired by Mrs. Robinson. Set in modern-day Pasadena, California. Nancy Rosenfeld (Dina Meyer), a nurturing mom and recent divorcée, whose beloved Jewish/Christmas mashup holiday celebration with her adult children is derailed when she falls for Alex Rojas (Aaron Dominguez (Only Murders in the Building), her daughter’s charming new boyfriend. Their electrifying affair upends her status quo and sets her on a path to becoming who she was meant to be.
M                                                                                         North American Premiere
Director: Vardan Tozija
Countries: Macedonia/Croatia/Kosovo/France/Luxembourg, Running Time: 99 min
In a secluded forest, young Marko lives under the watchful eye of his overprotective and mysterious father. Their sheltered existence is all he knows. Marko seeks solace in his cherished picture book, finding comfort and answers within its pages. One day, an encounter with a kind-hearted, helpless boy named Miko, brings a glimmer of warmth and connection into Marko’s isolated world. As his curiosity grows, Marko yearns to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the confines of the wilderness. But, a cruel turn of events grants him his wish sooner than he expects…
Nobody’s Home                                                                    World Premiere
Director: Michelle Bossy
Country: USA; Running Time: 83 min
When Luca is released from the psychiatric hospital where he and his girlfriend Theodora live, she escapes with him. To remain in control, she takes him to his childhood home, the root of his trauma. Time lapses. Consciousness is distorted. A dead body is discovered. Theodora insists Luca committed the murder in his sleep. Is she telling the truth? A knock on the door suddenly diverts them. Angelica and Jeremy show up, high on acid. Theodora invites them in to test Luca’s loyalty. Her jealousy increases to the point of danger. In the end, nothing is what it seems. Everyone has darkness inside.
Palimpsest                                                                             North American Premiere
Director: Hanna Vastinsalo
Country: Finland; Running Time: 109 min
Two elderly roommates are selected for a medical trial that makes them younger. Given a second chance at life, with the memories of their past life intact, they realize that growing young is not just fun.
Space Baby
Director: Rex Dean
Country: USA; Running Time: 99 min
Three friends fight fascist Nurse Nancy to rebuild the holy grail and get a new soul for the earth. Each friend is different. 8-year-old Sam ("Mental Man") is a mad scientist and inventor; 6-year-old Sophia ("Nature Girl") is a caretaker of the earth; 300-year-old Blue (a great ballplayer like Satchel Paige) was the keeper of the holy grail in Africa before he and his siblings were captured as slaves. With help from a squadron of ladybugs, they fight the "greed, intolerance, and just plain cruelty" that Nurse Nancy and her demonic crow inhabit. A story of courage, friendship, and love.
Tallywacker                                                                           World Premiere
Director: Brendan Boogie
Country: USA; Running Time: 90 min
A rock and roll buddy comedy about 2 bandmates whose relationship gets tested when one of them gets a gig touring with a major rock star.
The Zombie Wedding                                                           World Premiere
Director: Micah Khan
Country: USA; Running Time: 99 min
A young Cumberland County, NJ couple decides to go through with their wedding – during the Zombie Apocalypse. Unfortunately, he’s a zombie and she’s not. Both families are fearful, but the humans' behavior is brutish. When the Zombies begin feeling brain-deprived, the ceremony takes a turn for the weird. Weekly World News reporters are there to cover this wild wedding - while trying to get out alive!
44 Lights: Music from Ground Zero                   
Director: Barbara Blackburn Tuttle
Country: USA; Running Time: 68 min
A musical journey to healing in the aftermath of 9/11. A story of pain, loss, and ultimately rebirth through music.
American Pot Story: Oaksterdam
Directors: Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus
Country: USA; Running Time: 97 min
This award-winning documentary is a decade-long follow-up of the underdogs who put their blood, sweat, and tears to overturn a 100-year-old policy, proving in the process that “a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world,” to quote Margaret Mead).
Brothers Broken
Directors: Geoff Levin, Lily Richards
Country: USA; Running Time: 86 min
This is the story of brothers Geoff and Robbie Levin, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of the 60's music scene including Jerry Garcia, the Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin. The brother’s band PEOPLE! had the hit record “I Love You” in 1968 and toured with The Who; then Scientology entered their lives destroyed their band and split up the brothers. After 46 years Geoff despite losing his children and friends to the cult, left the church and reunited with his brother and band. It’s a tale of breaking free from a modern-day prison of belief.
Denim Hunter                                                      U.S. Premiere
Director: Emilio Di Stefano
Country: Sweden; Running Time: 87 min
In the road movie documentary Denim Hunter, we meet Viktor - a regular guy from Sweden but with a burning passion for really old jeans. The film follows Viktor on his wild journey through the deserts of California, Arizona, and Nevada as well as up the snowclad Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he hunts for denim treasures in hazardous run-down gold mines from the 1880s. On his journey, Viktor comes across an array of unlikely desert characters, like Indiana Jeans, Dynamite Dan, and Redneck-Mike. In various ways, they all lead Viktor from one failure to the next.
The Depths of My Despair
Director: Elizabeth Lawrence
Country: USA; Running Time: 68 min
The Depths of My Despair is a visceral rabbit hole toward the authentic self. Filmmaker Elizabeth Lawrence takes an emotional, first-person detour inward. Oscillating through saneness and psychosis; debris and lucidity, the film stares at depression dead-on.
District Of Second Chances                       World Premiere
Director: Wynette Yao
Country: USA; Running Time: 76 min
District of Second Chances follows the journeys of three men from Washington, D.C., all sentenced to life in prison during the 1990s. Now, because of sentencing reform, they have a rare chance at release and new lives.
Meet Me Where I Am
Director: Grant Garry
Country: USA; Running Time: 86 min
Meet Me Where I Am explores the topic of grief through individual stories of loss, love, and hope. The film aims to normalize grief in our culture and explores how we can actively participate in helping others through grief. By accepting grief and its impact, we hope to help individuals find new meaning as they move forward with their grief.
Studio One Forever
Director: Marc Saltarelli
Country: USA; Running Time: 86 min
The untold story of America’s iconic gay disco, a kaleidoscopic excursion into LGBTQ+ history through the lens of this groundbreaking club. From 1974-1994, Studio One and its adjoining live music venue, The Backlot, became symbols of hope and community for gay men during tumultuous times. Amidst the rise of gay rights, disco's heyday, and the devastating AIDS crisis, the club offered sanctuary from rampant homophobia and police oppression.
Torched - The Story of Austin Torch
Director: Hoag Kepner
Country: USA; Running Time: 66 min
Torched tells the story of the Austin Torch, a wild and fiery group of women/non-binary athletes in Austin who are trying to legitimize and professionalize their fringe sport of Ultimate Frisbee in a historically male-dominated sports industry. As we follow the Torch on the road and at home during their 2022 season, we realize that though the Torch might not always win, they never really lose, because it's more than a team: it's a movement.
Sheryl                                                                                    World Premiere
Director: Justin Best
Country: USA; Running Time: 72 min
After she’s dumped by her serial killer boyfriend for not being “hot enough”, a beauty-obsessed woman goes on a bloody quest to create the perfect face, all while navigating her new relationship with the cop investigating the murders.
Wild Eyed and Wicked
Director: G.S. Foxwood
Country: USA; Running Time: 99 min
Lily Pierce is sick of being haunted. She decides to reconnect with her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, and learn how to draw upon a time of steel and blade when armor-clad knights rode out and dueled their monsters to the death.

A Killer Service
Director: Gio Randazzo
Country: USA; Running Time: 25 min
The hapless daughter of an incarcerated con-artist finds she has inherited a substantial debt to a dangerous crime boss. Forced into a corner, Elliott discovers how to take control of her life while helping empower other women. 

Director: Paul Munger
Country: USA; Running Time: 16 min
Every night, 20-year-old Joy gets a glimpse of the future. But with a dad on parole, a pill-popping boyfriend, and a recent lay-off, that doesn't mean she can stop it from being shitty. That is until she foresees an event that will ruin the lives of her loved ones forever. She'll have to figure out how to change her future--or live with the consequences.

The Blind Zone                                                                       World Premiere 
Directors: Federica Marchese, Vinushu Sundaresan
Country: China; Running Time: 32 min
Battle of wits and violence ensues when the separate worlds of two teenage sociopaths collide after they set their eyes on the same target.
Director: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Country: USA; Running Time: 32 min
When Ella Goldman, a New York City Corporate attorney, gets engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Josh, she is ecstatic to embark on the next stage of her life. With a wedding to plan and a blossoming career, Ella thinks she has it all. But when she suddenly loses her job and catches her boyfriend cheating, her world comes crashing down. This devastating turn of events forces her to confront the truth about her life – and what it is she really wants. Convinced that this is a "wake-up call," Ella pursues her childhood dream of being an actress. 

Events At Hemlock Manor
Director: Katie North
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
At its core, this is a series about underdogs: a ragtag group of spooky weirdos with nowhere else to go. Hemlock Manor is not only a year-round haunted house with a terrible business model; it’s also a home. But what do you do when the thing you love is in trouble? You fight for it. Even when that means throwing a baby shower for a group of rich ladies who thought “the historic Hemlock Manor” was a charming country villa, not a haunted house open in July.
For Years to Come
Director: Micah Stuart
Country: USA; Running Time: 27 min
An irreverent and heartfelt romantic dramedy about a gay man who falls in love with his dead mother's hospice nurse, while struggling to reconnect with his elderly father...who's secretly a porn director.

Hit Man: Secrets Of Lies
Director: Elias Plagianos
Country: UK; Running Time: 19 min
A reflective hitman from New York City travels to small towns around the country trying to find meaning in his seemingly inconsequential life as he fulfills his contracts and eliminates his targets. 

Hot Angry Mom                                                                     
Director: Clarissa De Los Reyes
Country: USA; Running Time: 34 min
A people-pleasing mom must face her rage, as a video of her epic meltdown goes viral.

I Could Eat
Director: Rick Bedrosian
Country: USA; Running Time: 28 min
A new TV/Web Series showcasing the cuisine & music that unites diverse cultures. Host, Rick Bedrosian (“George” in a Beatlemania stage show for 7 years, leader of Celtic music powerhouse, Hair Of The Dog, since 1993 and an international tour guide) spans the globe seeking out the finest food and the most interesting music makers.

L.I.F.E.: It’s Wonderful
Director: Dathan Smith
Country: USA; Running Time: 22 min
L.I.F.E. is an anthology series set in the near future where citizens receive a hand-delivered card notifying them the day they will die. Rose feels trapped in her new "home". Emilia feels trapped by her daughter's recent news. Bob is forced to deliver a card he has been dreading since joining L.I.F.E. Corp. as Diane adjusts to her new job.

Moments                                                                                North American Premiere 
Director: Aaron Lewis
Country: USA; Running Time: 23 min
Moments is a gripping 9-episode digital series, each under 13 minutes, offering intimate glimpses into characters on the brink. Driven by black trauma and mysticism, it unravels mind-reading and hidden truths through therapist Dr. Winston. An enigmatic narrator, Rutina Wesley, introduces time travel, adding layers of self-discovery. Momentshints at an expanded episodic journey, diving deeper into characters' histories and relationships, while authentically addressing themes of healing and transformation within the mystical. Boasting a stellar ensemble cast and profound storytelling.
Morse Code
Director: Travis Nicholson
Country: USA; Running Time: 37 min
In the eccentric community of modern-day East Nashville, Simon, a talented but flawed thirty-something indie folk singer finds himself at a crossroads as he struggles to strike a balance between family and career.

Off The Menu
Director: Daniele Sestito
Country: USA; Running Time: 37 min
“Chef” is a perfectionist, Italian cook who works for an unordinary institution. Typically stern and grandiose, a new side of Chef is revealed when he is forced to make a meal that’s beyond his grasp. 

Q Train
Directors: Dionne Van Den Berg, Samantha Tran
Country: USA; Running Time: 10 min
A Brooklyn based DJ explores the queer dating scene.

Directors: Mari Madrid, Keone Madrid
Country: USA; Running Time: 18 min
Ky loses his entire career as a highly successful choreographer when AI takes over the dance industry and the world by storm. This throws Ky into suicidal ideations until Mikah, a bright and optimistic 12-year-old boy, decides to disregard the latest craze of dancing with Roboto and instead asks Ky to choreograph for his school performance. While at first Ky reluctantly decides to help the kid, he begins to find a bit of light in his life again. And when it’s revealed that Mikah had a battle with cancer Ky’s perspective is completely shifted.

The Selectman                                                                         World Premiere 
Director: David Antonio Martin
Country: USA; Running Time: 26 min
In the wake of Selectman Joseph Allenby's untimely death, this absurd comedy begins amid a memorial service in the small town of Picasquiddy, Maine. Subverting the idyllic nature of small-town New England, our protagonists are trapped in a picturesque world where the forces of learned behavior, arrested adolescence, and the quest for power forever collide. As two unlikely successors emerge as candidates for the Board of Selectmen, the town’s fate hangs in the balance. Does anybody have what it takes?

Travel Fox                                                                               World Premiere 
Director: Henk Pretorius
Country: UK; Running Time: 5 min
Get ready for a wild adventure in Travel Fox, the pilot episode of an animated series tailor-made for curious kids. Follow the inquisitive Travel Fox and Bogie the Tortoise as they race across the world, chasing rainbows in search of a legendary pot of gold. But here's the twist – instead of gold, our friends discover something even more precious: a treasure trove of unique characters and unforgettable experiences.
Ülom: The Primary Experiment                                            World Premiere 
Director: Jon Da
Country: USA; Running Time: 25 min
In Ülom, one can find anything, even meaning. A desperate scientist undertakes a labyrinthian experiment he believes will locate his missing daughter. Journeying ever deeper into the labyrinth, he must confront an invasive, fictional reality. Remember: what feels real, is real. Ülom is here.

Xander                                                                                     World Premiere 
Director: Jonathan Chao
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
When lonely high school student Luke befriends Xander the Genie, he's forced to consider if making his one wish is worth losing his new genie best friend.
Director: Alexandra Greenspan
Country: USA; Running Time: 12 min
#Pizzagate                                                                             World Premiere
Director: Danny Piñeros
Country: USA; Running Time: 8 min
The 1971 Kitchen Grand Brie
Director: Ian Beckman
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
Bisected                                                    World Premiere
Director: Danny Piñeros
Country: USA; Running Time: 8 min
Black Silk                                                                               World Premiere
Director: Patrick Michael
Country: USA; Running Time: 16 min
Blight                                                                                      World Premiere
Director: Markus Hoeckner
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Bloodworm                                                                            World Premiere
Director: Kai Wen
Country: USA; Running Time: 13 min
Bounce House
Directors: Callie Bloem, Christopher Ewing
Country: USA; Running Time: 16 min
Burraco                                                                                  World Premiere
Director: Isabella Tagliati
Country: Italy; Running Time: 14 min
Director: Tyler Martin
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Career Day
Directors: Jason Robinson, Chris Hooper
Country: USA; Running Time: 10 min
Chauncey                                                    World Premiere
Director: Reilly Anspaugh & Daniel Rashid
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
Cheol                                                                                     World Premiere
Director: Yeajoon Cho
Country: USA; Running Time: 19 min
Church Camp
Director: Andrew Bourne
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
The Chat                                                                                World Premiere
Writer/Dir/Prod: Artie Brennan
Country: USA; Running Time: 6 min
Director: Clayton Henderson
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
Dear Owner
Director: Jing Ai Ng
Country: USA; Running Time: 17 min
Delta                                                                                       World Premiere
Director: Jonathan Coleman
Country: USA; Running Time: 9 min
Director: Alex Hanno
Country: USA; Running Time: 19 min
Director: Rj Collins
Country: USA; Running Time: 10 min
Echoes Of My Father                                                            World Premiere
Directors: Junko Kajino, Ed M Koziarski
Country: USA, Japan; Running Time: 18 min
The Electro-Rocker
Director: Chris Edgar
Country: USA; Running Time: 17 min
Director: Bill Prokopow
Country: USA; Running Time: 12 min
Esperance To Fremantle                                                     World Premiere
Director: William Sebastian Turner
Country: Australia; Running Time: 18 min
Everything Goes Dark                                                          International Premiere
Director: Alex Casimir
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Fate Vs. Elena                                                                       World Premiere
Director: Laura Sedlak
Country: USA; Running Time: 23 min
From The Dark                                                        North American Premiere
Director: Erika Sanz
Country: USA; Running Time: 7 min
Hot Soda
Director: Nello Digiandomenico
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
How To Disappear                                                                World Premiere
Director: Milton Woods
Country: USA; Running Time: 20 min
I Keep Bumping into Candy Maldonado                            World Premiere
Director: Luke Black
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
In The Quiet                                                       World Premiere
Director: Merle Dandridge
Country: USA; Running Time: 5 min
Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad
Director: Christine Lakin
Country: USA; Running Time: 4 min
The Invaders
Director: Erin Doyle Cooper
Country: USA; Running Time: 4 min
Itch                                                                                         World Premiere
Director: Mohammad Anwerzada
Countries: Pakistan/Canada; Running Time: 9 min
Letters To the Wind                                                              World Premiere
Director: Terrence Shu
Country: USA; Running Time: 13 min
Lux Freer
Director: Cynthia Gibb
Country: USA; Running Time: 21 min
Man Baby                                                                               World Premiere
Director: Aaron Murtagh
Country: USA; Running Time: 10 min
Music For A While                                                                World Premiere
Director: Kelvin Z. Phillips
Country: USA; Running Time: 6 min
Nearly Never                                                       North American Premiere
Director: Peter Franklyn Banks
Country: UK; Running Time: 15 min
Director: James Skinner
Country: UK; Running Time: 8 min
Portrait Of a Cowboy
Director: Devon Wycoff
Country: USA; Running Time: 17 min
Pretty As a Picture                                                     World Premiere
Director: Ryan Nielsen
Country: USA; Running Time: 8 min
The Pros And Cons Of Killing Yourself                             World Premiere
Director: Ravi Steve Khajuria
Country: Canada; Running Time: 21 min
Piano Man                                                                              
Director: Jay Zaretsky
Country: USA; Running Time: 20 min
Director: Robbie Bryan
Country: USA; Running Time: 16 min
Rattled                                                                                    World Premiere
Director: Adam Linkenhelt
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
Red, White And Blue
Director: Nazrin Choudhury
Country: USA; Running Time: 23 min
Revelation                                                  World Premiere
Director: Libe Barer
Country: USA; Running Time: 16 min
Room 107                                                         World Premiere
Directors: Steve Anderson, Leandro Imaz
Country: USA; Running Time: 17 min
Sane Men
Director: Jess Fritz
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Skateboard                                                                            World Premiere
Director: Peyton Michelle Edwards
Country: USA; Running Time: 7 min
Sonshine                                                                                International Premiere
Director: Corey Podell
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Speak Up Brotha!
Director: Wes Andre Goodrich
Country: USA; Running Time: 15 min
Sugar                                                                                      World Premiere
Director: Alyssa Brayboy
Country: USA; Running Time: 6 min
Three Ways Out                                                                    World Premiere
Director: Lizzie Morgan
Country: USA; Running Time: 13 min
Tips Up!                                                                                 World Premiere
Director: Leah Claire Borrie
Country: USA; Running Time: 7 min
Tossou                                                      World Premiere
Directors: Melisande Mclaughlin, Sika Stanton
Country: USA; Running Time: 3 min
Used Chairs For Sale                                                           World Premiere
Director: Dylan Paffe
Countries: USA/Canada; Running Time: 14 min
We Love You Ray                                                                 World Premiere
Director: John Hays
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
You Need To Process This
Director: Eleanor Morrison
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
13 Driver’s Licenses
Director: Ryoya Terao
Countries: USA/Germany; Running Time: 27 min
Brothers For Life                                                                  World Premiere
Director: Alon Juwal
Country: Israel; Running Time: 17 min
The Dancer: The Beautiful and Tragic Life Of Gerard Alexander
Directors: Ryon Horne, Tyson Horne
Country: USA; Running Time: 35 min
Family Trip                                                        World Premiere
Director: Sean Dunne
Country: USA; Running Time: 26 min
Finding Fate
Director: Beth Toni Kruvant
Country: USA; Running Time: 28 min
How I Roll                                                        World Premiere
Directors: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern, BriGuel
Country: USA; Running Time: 13 min
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love                                  World Premiere
Director: Susan Morgan Cooper
Country: USA; Running Time: 34 min
Kristin Dan Kuching Kuchingnya
Director: Michael Kam
Country: Singapore; Running Time: 6 min
Living Loud                                                        World Premiere
Directors: Carin van der Donk, Isabella Vega, Sarah Teale
Country: USA; Running Time: 40 min
Paper Boats
Director: Jessica Pons
Country: USA; Running Time: 5 min
Rebirth                                                     World Premiere
Director: Olivia Burgess
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
Revealing The Impossible                                                   World Premiere
Directors: Tony Chong and Marlene Millar
Country: Canada; Running Time: 29 min
This Is Why We Train: The Sea Girt Beach Patrol            World Premiere
Director: Kevin Nulty
Country: USA; Running Time: 20 min
Tracing Imperfection                                                            World Premiere
Director: Chehade Boulos
Country: USA; Running Time: 8 min
Where Is America the Beautiful?
Director: Fr3der1ck
Country: USA; Running Time: 30 min
Bastard                                                                                  World Premiere
Directors: Haley Elise Pehrson, Gretta Wilson
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
The Custodian
Director: Colin J. Mason
Country: USA; Running Time: 9 min
Director: Paul Davis
Country: USA; Running Time: 18 min
Dedly Wagons                                                                       World Premiere
Director: Martin Balaguer
Country: USA; Running Time: 4 min
Good Girls Get Fed
Director: Kelly Lou Dennis
Country: USA; Running Time: 21 min
Hevel                                                                                     World Premiere
Director: David Grace
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min
Inner Demons                                                                        World Premiere
Director: Jasmine J, Johnson
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
The Mantis
Director: Wylie Rush
Country: USA; Running Time: 10 min
Mattress Express
Director: Noah Morse
Country: USA; Running Time: 18 min
Night Shift
Director: Karlee Boon
Country: USA; Running Time: 28 min
Pee Pee Platter
Director: Jon Conklin
Country: USA; Running Time: 11 min
The Spirit Became Flesh                                                     World Premiere
Writer/Director: Jesse Aultman
Country: USA; Running Time: 18 min
The Worm                                                        World Premiere
Director: Cameron A. Tubbs
Country: USA; Running Time: 14 min

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