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Ouch Magazine presents : Kings and Queens

Ouch Magazine presents : Kings and Queens

Kings & Queens

Description: Designs by Facundo Diaz, owner Descarada Atelier. "Encantada" collection resume Fantasies between flowers and tulle. Lace that tells stories inspired by princesses, princes and nostalgia. A genderless way to wear as a fashion icon.



Fashion Designer: Facu Diaz

Creative Director: Descarada Atelier

Accessory Designer: Uruz

Photographer: Juliana Alexandra Pulido

Assistant Photographer: Jonathan Martin

Makeup Artist: Juan Cruz Fusterer

Model: Damian Gongora
Model: Lihuen Gongora
Model: Marcos Cardenas

Model: Iñaki Larrain

Wardrobe Credits: Descarada atelier